Best pricing for DL vacation?


I have been debating about an upcoming Disney trip and have decided that we (DD5 and me) will head over for a few days to DL (2 nites at DL Hotel) while visiting family in LA. I have been reading the threads on here and have gotten great ideas for our trip. One questions I have is the best way to get the best deal for DL. I’m pretty good at finding good deals for DW but don’t have a clue where to start for DL.

Also, what about restaurants? Any character dinings better than others?

Thanks for any tips!


Hmmm I honestly don’t know if I have any good tips for finding the best DL deals. It’s been a few years…I’m feeling rusty! :sad:

But I absolutely have to recommend Goofy’s Kitchen for character dining. It is the BEST, we love it!! :happy: (Think the West Coast version of Chef Mickey’s…only better. Haha.) We actually had our wedding dinner there, lol. I’m also a fan of Plaza Inn - though I’ve never actually “eaten” there technically, I’ve been there many times as…er, entertainment! :laugh: I think it’s a great atmosphere.


That’s odd… I was going to recommend avoiding Chef Goofy’s. We didn’t have the best experience there - we were seated on the inside “ring” and got minimal attention from characters. We were there for about 30 minutes and hadn’t had a character stop by, yet. When my dad questioned it, we were told that we were only guaranteed to see Goofy. We did get a visit from Mary Poppins, Wendy, and the penguin from Mary Poppins. Goofy finally appeared (it didn’t help that he had to do a show every quarter hour or so). There were 12 characters there and we got to meet 4…

We did Ariel’s Grotto, the princess dining at California Adventure, and had a much better experience. However, it took about 20 minutes for the princesses to appear. They kept making cutesy announcements about them coming.

I definitely recommend Blue Bayou. It’s the only restaurant within an attraction. It’s really great atmosphere, and you get to watch the pirate boats float by.

As for deals… I don’t really know. I heard something about everyone getting in for a child’s price.


Those Mbers that don’t know about your past will be intrigued! :laugh:

I think Wish will have some good advice- she just planned and took a DL trip.


I should probably add that we are planning to go June 7-10th. Hoping the summer crowds won’t be too bad yet.


Summer crowds will be moderate but nothing like you would see in Mid August. The DL Hotel is a nice place to stay, off-site is much cheaper, must try eating at The Blue Bayou, you will need to make reservations at least 1 month advance due to summer crowds, the Ratatouille at Cafe Orleans is to die for. There are many great other places to eat at too, so do a little research if ya want! Always arrive at least 30 mins-1 hour early prior to the security tents opening at 7:30 with an 8am park opening (IMO) just so you can get into the parks sooner, but thats just me. Be sure to hit the attractions that get crowded the most first or last/during parade/show times or the peak time for dining as the lines will be shorter. be sure to hydrate while there and remember that cast members can also get as tired and cranky as you, so be sure to give them some slack if something isnt going your way! :wink: And best of all, have fun!


We’ve been going to DL in June the past couple of years and it’s been fine, yes it will be busy but be sure to take advantage of the early morning entry opportunity and I can guarantee you you’ll get a TON done before people start pouring into the parks.

As far as restaurants there are 3 character meals that I think are THE BEST; Goofy’s Kitchen is AWESOME! I’ve eaten there 5 times now & have NEVER been dissapointed. The food is great, TONS of characters, and CMs always seem really friendly & helpful there. I go there now on every trip to DL. The other two are Ariel’s Grotto & breakfast at Storyteller’s Cafe.

I don’t really have any advice on ‘good deals’ 'cause I use my DVC points but sign up for their e-mail list on, perhaps they e-mail deals. I once signed up for Disneyland Paris’s mailing list & I STILL get tons of discount e-mails from them.


Thanks! We will definitely do early mornings - we’re used to EDT! Thanks for all the information.


Your welcome! Just a little info about Magic Mornings (early entry), from past experience, try to jump on Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage and Space Mountain first, for those two always seem to get a nice long line in the summer season.