Best Re-make?


So, how did you like the re-make of “The Shaggy Dog?” We loved it - in fact, we think it could be one of the best Disney remakes (not that there have been all that many).

Our fave remakes in order:

  1. “The Parent Trap” (better than the original :eek: )
  2. “The Shaggy Dog” (Ditto :eek: )
  3. “101 Dalmatians” (The live version)
  4. “Flubber”

What are your favorites, least favorites? What Disney movies should or should NOT be remade?

I vote for a remake of “The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh!” (a.k.a Dr. Syn)"
I loved that on the old “Wonderful World of Color.” (I guess I just dated myself…)


I’m assuming Tim Allen ruined the Shaggy Dog. I haven’t seen it though, and probably won’t. I like Tim Allen and all, but I think his Disney-movie-making prime has passed. I did however love the Parent Trap!


NOT! I went to see “The Shaggy Dog” thinking the same thing. But I actually liked it better than the original (which, I am proud to say I also saw in the theater. Yes, I am old).

Don’t assume the new Shaggy Dog will be ruined by Tim the tool man. It’s actually very good.


I honestly cannot stand Tim Allen. I don’t think he’s funny at all. :ninja: So, therefore, I have no interest in see The Shaggy Dog. Also, didn’t know it was a remake. :huh:

But I did like the Parent Trap. :pinch:


Yes the Parent Trap remake was good. But nothing can top the original. I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!

  1. Freaky Friday
  2. 101 Dalmatians
  3. Parent Trap

LOVED The remake of Freaky Friday. The orignal was amazing too though.


Did ya know that was a remake? :wink:

I like Tim Allen… I still watch the Home Improvement re-runs sometimes and the Santa Clause movies were pretty darn good, so I’m sure I’ll like this one too…


I’ve not seen a single one of these.


I forgot about Freaky Friday! I love the remake.


I know I thought it was very well made! I mean it didn’t exactly tie up with the orginal but it was so good that I loved it! And like kippage, I don’t think Tim is exactly what you would call funny :P. Great actor, not so great comedian.


Well, my top favorite Disney film, Treasure Planet, is a re-make of Treasure Island from Disney in 1950!

So…I guess that would be MY favorite re-make! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


I haven’t seen Freaky Friday, but I think Lindsay Lohan is such a cutie, I’m sure its good. We met the little boy that played her brother in that movie. His grandma takes him to everything and they are so cute!

I grew up with the original Parent Trap (Hayley Mills is so great), but I loved the re-make. Again Lindsay is totally cute. It’s so strange to watch it now that she is super famous and see how cute and little she was!

Have I said cute enough in this post?


We haven’t seen the new Shaggy Dog yet but we plan too. I happen to like Tim Allen so I like his movies so I think this will be a good one. My girls love the Parent Trap, both versions.


So, like, when are we getting Escape from/Return to Witch Mountain? :cool:



I haven’t seen shaggy dog yet but after looking at previews and such it looks really underated or kinda stupid. Is it really like that or is it the previews just making the movie look bad? Is it really good once you get into it?


I think Freaky Friday is my favorite Disney re-make, though I’m sad to see where stardom has taken Miss Lohan. :sad:

The Parent Trap is my next favorite, and…that about wraps it up for the disney remakes I’ve seen! I have not seen Shaggy Dog yet, I might wait til it comes out for home entertainment.


I know I think I will wait until it comes out on DVD. It just doesn’t seem that appealing.


Is that a brag or a plea for help…?

(just kidding)


LOL! No, just not seen them.



I think it would be Around the World in 80 Days. There might be a tie if I can remember the title of the other one I liked alot. And if it was a disney film.