Best rental car deals?


Hi all.

We were planning on driving down in September, since the airfare for my wife and I and our twin daughters would be prohibitive. But fate has just dropped four roundtrip ticket vouchers on Southwest Airlines in our laps, so it looks like we’re flying after all!

But, I’m shocked at some of the rental car quotes we’re getting, including through Expedia, Orbitz, Costco and even with the Mousesaver codes.

I’m getting standard size/full size cars for a week well into the $200 range (with an additional cost of nearly $100 for two toddler seats!). [and for some reason I’m always shocked that the “taxes and fees” are nearly as much as the base rental price. Talk about taxation without representation]

Anyone have any leads on good rental car deals for September?

Thanks in advance.


Try to get the cheapest deal…

Use Expedia and orbits and whatnot to find out what the quotes are for vehicles, write them down, and make sure you don’t bid with anything higher on priceline.

Best deal ever.


I have been going through this same situation for a couple of weeks, Daydreamer was even kind enough to send me some coupons. The best rate I got(granted I need a mini van) is $280 for 8 days. I think that is high, but in comparison to other rates I obtained ($632) it was pretty good. Dollar rental car is offering that rate and I used my Costco membership and a free weekend day coupon. My only concern is that Mousesavers says that Dollar does not come highly recommended. Has anyone ever used them?

My advice to you to help you cut down on the costs is to bring your own car seats. The children can use them on the plane and they will save you money.

Good luck!


I’ve always found Budget to be the cheapest.


I just picked up a flyer from Costco that included $20 or $25 off for a weekly rental, in addition to their member discount. It only applies to larger vehicles, though (i.e. “mid-size” SUVs and up).

The one-week rate (plus two extra hours) that I was given for a mid-size SUV (Chevy Equinox or similar) was about $220. I had to add in two toddler seats (an additional $98 for the week). So my total was about $320.

That’s the best rate I’ve been able to find yet.


Did you check on Mousesavers for discount codes also?

Although, I’ve always found the costco, BJ’s codes to give me the best rate.

Try these BJ’s one’s (same as Costco) for your trip. Member ID 489304 Rate code: BY Coupon Code- D54C ($20 off) ~or~ F55B (Free day) They should work for mid-size on up.

Like Nokey Nose said, anyway to just bring your own car seats? I’d think a little bit of hassle would be worth saving $100, but that’s just me!


I’ve gotten some fantastic deals on Hotwire. They deal with the top suppliers too, Hertz, Budget, Avis and one more but I can’t remember which one.


I just checked hotwire and it I was able to pull up a rental in September for 6 days at $167.75 for a compact, $195.35 for a standard. I would also check and try all of the codes they have on file, it is worth it.


I agree…We used budget the last time we were there. They were the cheapest.


Alamo was always the cheapest for me. I had coupons from bjs. If your not a member you can always go pick tem up anyways… If I have some I can find I will give you the code… But anyways… I just came back in april and spent $235.00 for a 3 row trailblazer and 1 toddler seat. That was for 10 days…


Why not use Tiffany, it cheaper and you are staying at the Contempary so why do you need a car. The bus service is great at that time of year. Plus they will stop at the store on the way in and you can get what you need then.


check mouse savers… they have all kinds of codes…


We are going in Sept and we have a SUV for a week for 175.00. I reserved it a few months back on Orbitz.


Is it a Full size SUV?? we will have 8 in our group. I need to get it reserved quick!!