Best resort (affordable) for family of 6


we did the double room thing at Pop Century last time- we want to try a different resort this time- what do you all suggest? I want to afford the trip so I need to have it be a reasonable one if its a suite…



Check for a list of DTD hotels that sleep 6. Since it looks as if you have a baby, you could do POR as they sleep 5 and then with the baby, use a portable crib. The alligator bayou section has 2 beds with a trundle that pulls out from one of the beds to sleep the 5th person. Add a portable crib for the baby and you are all set. We always pick POR for this reason. We are a family of 5 and there are no rooms other than deluxe resorts that sleep 5. It will be kind of cramped with the crib, but how much time do you really spend in the room anyway?


Another possibility is a cabin at Fort Wilderness. They sleep 6 and have a kitchen,too. You might want to try that out.


You have a big family, so I agree with the previous poster. The cabins at Fort Wilderness may be an affordable choice.

I have a family of 5. The problem with many Disney resorts is they design rooms for families of 4. :glare:


I have been checking into this today myself as in October it looks like we will be #1 - Four adults and a 3yr old OR #2 Five adults and a 3yr old. If I am looking at this right it is cheaper to get two rooms at a Value Resort vs. Fort Wilderness. :mickey:


The two best (lest expensive) Disney options will be a cabin at Fort Wilderness or two connecting rooms at a value resort. The two value resorts will always be cheaper, but the cabins do have a full kitchen, as well as a living room with couch, though you only get one bathroom.


that is actually what we were considering- we did connecting the last time- ill have to see how big the cost difference is.



Woo hoo, ww are a tribe of 7. This was a huge incentive to look into the Vacation Club. I do not think we would have been able afford to take the children every other year as we have. As they reach adulthood, DW and I are do not regret the decision. Think about it for future planning.


Another hurrah for the Disney Vacation Club. It honnestly DOES make a LOT of sense, especially for families that are large! This way you have a pick of size when you go either a studio (4), a 1 bedroom (4 and I would wager you could get a cot in here for 5), a 2 bedroom (8), or a three bedroom (12).

Right now it’s just my hubby and I and we bought 350 points…But we’re looking to add more in another year or so because we LOVE it so much and use our points for other things besides Disney (I visit NYC a lot).


The most affordable route is the cabins or a value as stated above. Have you considered looking into renting DVC points from someone? You could get a one-bedroom villa. I believe they sleep six.


I was just looking into the dvc route - My problem is that we are also doing the whole cruise thing too and we like the idea of the whole shebang of meals and I want to look into the MYW deal- I have 18 one day passes that have 30 year shelf life- I dont know if I should sell them via ebay and do the MYW deal for the park hopper passes or if I should do a dvc thing and use the one day passes myself- I also loved Quicksilver but wonder if its more cost effective to use the shuttle service they offer now- I have so much to ponder- I really want to look more into the whole dvc thing I think…


Not a problem there. DVC points can, indeed, be used for cruises!