Best resort experience with a free upgrade!


We are just back from our week at WDW! We stayed at the Grand Floridian. This was our first stay there after many visits to WDW. I was nervous that it would be too stuffy for us or that we wouldn’t see any difference from staying at an other deluxe. Well was I surprised!!!

From the moment we got there you could see the difference. First when we checked in I was told we had been upgraded to a Magic Kingdom view! I was soooo EXCITED! :eek::eek: I have never been upgraded.

Our room was beautiful. Shortly after we arrived a plate with cookies and a 12 inch white chocolate Mickey was delivered to our room with a card that wished my DH and DS a Happy Birthday. It was a wonderful surprise.

Also because we were upgraded and had a MK view we were placed perfectly to see the space shuttle go up right from our balcony!!! It was awesome!

When ever we were missing something or needed something it was in our room within ten minutes. And every night someone would come in and turn down our beds and put yummy chocolates on our pillows.

The service was unbelievable. You were always being greeted by someone with a smile where ever you went. The 84 year old gentleman who would greet us at the entrance was even from our wonderful state! It was great to chat with him, he was so cute!

The grounds were so clean everything was spotless from the outside benches to the handrails to the carpets.

We ate at the Grand Floridian Cafe one night and one in our party is a severe peanut allergy. Chef Rebeca was extremely attentive to us. She was wonderful and the food was wonderful. She came out and even chatted with us for at least 20 minutes. What a great dining experience.

Well as you can see there was nothing bad about this resort. I can’t say enough good about it. I am spoiled forever I told my husband.

I was a queen for a week. Can’t wait to go back there!


Sounds great! What luxury. Any pics to show?


So glad to hear you had a wonderful experience. We’ve never stayed at GF, but I have a cousin who will not stay any other place when she goes to WDW. Now I know why!


You mean you didn’t order the cake? It just showed up? WOW and double WOW.


I do have a few pictures, I will try to figure out how to load them. I only have a few pictures because my camera broke :mad: on the third day there. Thanksful I got a few pics of the resort.


Now I know why also. It REALLY spoiled me. I can’t stay anywhere else!


No I didn’t order it. It was solid white chocolate, YUMMY. I was shocked when I opened the door and the gentleman handed it to me. I was in AWE of the place at that point!


Wow, sounds like an absolutely AWESOME experience! I’d love to see some pics too. :smile:


:confused:I can’t figure out how to insert a picture :confused:


It is a dream of mine to stay at the GF. I am glad you got to do it and that you loved it. Good for you. Now, save your pennies and go do it again and again and again :smile:


I lucked out last month too. We were booked at the Contemporary in the garden wing(AP rates). When we checked in, I asked if we could be upgraded to the tower (come on, today’s my birthday). Well, we got a free upgrade to a Bay Lake view room on the 9th floor. That was enough to keep me happy.

Just don’t get me started about the shuttle launch! It was originally supposed to launch the day before we arrived (June 13) (I’d planned to watch that launch and continue to WDW) and then it was supposed to launch the day we were leaving (at 6 AM, so I was a little relieved that I wouldn’t need to get up at 4 AM to drive out to the Cape, good thing I had my laptop and was logged on to find out it was scrubbed!). And the launch of the LRO was bumped to Thursday, so I had to watch that launch on NASA’s website.
And yes, I certainly would have been able to see it from our balcony, but I’d much rather watch from Cocoa Beach or Titusville.


Sounds INCREDIBLE!!! :heart:

My DD5 has a peanut allergy, and it always amazes me what a fuss they make, having the chef come to the table etc. It makes me feel safe for sure.

Hope you can get those pictures to load! :happy:


it all sounded awesome I am sooo happy you had a wonderful time…


Sounds amazing! What an awesome upgrade! I’m so glad you enjoyed your stay at the Grand Floridian. I’m hoping you’re making a trip report? :happy:


When ever we were missing something or needed something it was in our room within ten minutes. And every night someone would come in and turn down our beds and put yummy chocolates on our pillows.

The service was unbelievable… [/QUOTE]

And there, my friends, is the difference in staying at an upper tier hotel. Not that I get to when I go on vacation, but occasionally for work I get to experience this level of service. It makes it hard to go back. :blush:


Wow, sounds like a dream come true kind of vacation. I am also happy to hear about the wonderful service and attention you received at the Grand Floridian. I am sure if I ever have the chance to stay there, I would be ruined for any other resort!


Wow, awesome upgrade!!! Wonderful surprise!!


Great experience. I always wonder why people don’t splurge a little more and get a lot more at WDW since you spent the money to get there anyway and afterall it is vacation. The little things at WDW are worth the extra bucks. Eat cereal and peanut butter crackers at home.


The Grand Floridian is one of my favorite resorts. :heart: I’m glad you had a wonderful experience.


That sounds wonderful! :wub: I am glad you had such a great stay!

The GF is just gorgeous…I can’t wait to stay there someday.