Best Resort for early April trip


We are considering going to WDW over ds’s Spring Break. I am thinking 3 or 4 nights (depending on rates) the week of March 31st. We went a few years ago mid March and it was too cool for us for the pool. We were thinking of spending time at the pool but wondering if it will still be too cool first week of April.

We are thinking of staying at either:
Polynesian (never stayed here)
Contemporary (never stayed here)
Yacht and Beach Club (never stayed here)
Wilderness Lodge (never stayed here)

Caribbean Beach Resort (stayed here already)
Pt Orleans Riverside (stay here very often)

My 5.5 yr old finally is swimming so we were thinking of staying somewhere that had a nice pool but again…due to the weather it may not matter if it is too cool to swim.

What would you pick and why???


I would stay someplace new. I have heard so many good things about The Polynesian that it would be my choice. Especially if it’s just for 3-4 days; it wouldn’t break the bank.:laugh: The pool looks really nice, too. And if I remember correctly, the pools are heated (at least the ones at POP are).


Personally, I’d stay at the Boardwalk. If it IS warm enough for pool time they have a neat pool with a big slide. And if it’s too cool for the pool the boardwalk area always has neat things going on in the evenings…arcade games, different types of performers, etc.


I would love to stay at the Poly (never been) or stay at Wilderness lodge which I have stayed and love!


I would definitely go to the Beach Club for more than one reason. You’ve never stayed there before, it’s absolutely beautiful, and if you’re planning to spend lots of time at the pool Stormalong Bay is the best one there is, and as an added bonus, Beaches and Cream is right beside it. I don’t think it would be too cool to swim, my family and I are planning to go around the same time and we are counting on being able to hit the pool.


We went the 3rd week of April this year. The days were nice and warm (not humid at all) but most nights were cold. It was definately hot enough to go swimming and go to water parks during the day.

As far as a resort with a good pool for 5 yrd old I would say POFQ. DD loved the sea serpent slide at that age and they give out lifejackets. BC pool is awesome, but if he’s just starting to swim you probably won’t want him going down that slide since you’re not able to “catch” him at the bottom.

WL would be my Deluxe resort choice. Pool there is also very fun and it’s an easy boat ride to MK.