Best Restaurant


Two questions:
Which restaurant do you think is the best on Disney Property? and
Which restaurant do you think is the best on the Dining Plan?

  1. Victoria and Alberts’
  2. California Grill

  1. Boma
  2. Boma

For dinner (rib night!)




Same answer for #1 and 2 - California Grill.


we really enjoyed Le Cellier and Tutto Italia and Ohana the most!


Ditto that!:pirate:


Le Cellier


Well, Victoria and Albert’s is the only 5-star (or is it diamond?) rated restaurant in central Florida, so I suppose that it’s the best.

I like all of the restaurants… well, most. I suppose I’ll say The Garden Grill. It’s got an awesome atmosphere, characters, and great food.


Haven’t done the dining plan, but our best meal ever was at Le Cellier… or maybe the crab platter form Fulton’s, which is incredible when they include local crab varieties…


I’m going to sway from the group and say The Turf Club Bar & Grill for both.

We loved LeCellier but the steaks we got at TTC couldn’t be matched.


The ultimate dining experience is at V&A. Under normal conditions I would say California Grill. We have never done the dining plan, so I have no clue.


'Ohana is our favorite.


GF Cafe. Great prime rib

1900 park ave for buffet

Le celler & Coral reef Epcot

Brown Derby MGM

Here are a few




Best on property: Victoria & Albert’s.

Best on DDP: Le Cellier.


Multi answers for both.
I can’t judge V&A because I’ve never eaten there.
Not on plan Fulton’s, Todd English’s bluezoo, Shula’s.
On plan two credits Flying Fish, California Grill, Narcoossee’s, possibly Jiko and Artist Point.
On plan one credit Wolfgang Puck Cafe, Coral Reef (dinner), (soon to open) Teppan Edo, which hopefully will include sushi.


Without a doubt, the best on property is Victoria & Albert’s. We also enjoy Artist Point and Boma.


We haven’t been to too many but so far the best we had was Coral Reef but it was back in 2006. Im not sure how it is now. Our favorite was probably Cinderallas Royal Table.


When we rate restaurants, we tend to separate them according to price, 2 table service restaurants together and 1 table service restaurants together, but I think my favorite all-time restaurant at WDW is Kona Cafe at the Poly.