Best Room Locations: POFQ


We will be staying at Port Orleans- French Quarter for the first time. Anybody have any suggestions on which building we should request? I’m not sure if we should request a room closer to the pool or closer to transportation? or is there a building that is close to both? I know that everyone has stated on here that it is a smaller resort, so maybe it wouldn’t really matter because nothing would be too much of a walk.
Any input would be appreciated!


I’m in the ‘it doesn’t really matter because its so small’ camp, but someone may have better advice to share. The pool, the food court and the bus are all about a two min walk from one another. The bus stop is right outside-in front of the lobby and the pool is directly behind the lobby. You will love FQ. It is beautiful!


There are only 7 buildings. Even at the back of the farthest one, you are still closer then a close room at other resorts. Do not worry about the rooms at all… You will be pretty close to everything.


We were happy with our (sort of) pool view. There were trees in the way! But the pool wasn’t bothersome or noisy. I liked the location.


Every building is close to the main area. My favorite buildings are 2 and 3.


I don’t think it matters. We were in the farthest building and still didn’t have a long walk to the main building.


Really, it doesn’t matter like the others have already said. We stayed in building 5 it was right across from the Floatworks (food)


We have stayed in just about every building there, I don’t think there is a bad location. But if you can swing it, splurge for a river view room. Definitely worth it!


AGREED! I stayed in building 2 facing the water. Word to the wise - specify RIVER view, not WATER view…lol Water view can be facing the pool:laugh:


We stayed in building 6 with a partial river view. It was a really nice location but as others have said the resort is small and none of the building are far from anything.


I agree too! All buildings are close to imenities, but we love the tranquility of the Riverview rooms. These rooms can also be located close to the grass areas between the building which are a fun area for kids to run around and play a game of tag or soccer while mom and dad relax with a coffee on a bench. :happy:


Before we got our travel trailer, POFQ was our most favorite resort. The reason being was that its size is awesome. You didn’t have to pay for preferred rooms and you were pretty much still close to everything.