Best rooms at all star movies


any idea what the best rooms are or the best building to stay in at the all star movies. paying extra for a preferred room. where are the preferred rooms?


Fantasia section!


Fantasia - pool side! :mickey:


I just got an email from my travel agent regarding our upcoming August trip. She said that with no publicity or “hoop-la” that they have also added Dalmation and Toy Story buildings to “preferred” status. She wasn’t sure yet if it pertains to all the rooms or not. If so, that is just wrong, since that only leaves two themes that are not preferred!!


How do you know what buildings are preferred. We are staying at the all-star movies hotel?


WElcome to Disney central. The preferred buildings at the value resorts are the ones closest to check-in, main pool and the food court. At the All Star movies, that section is Fantasia. The dalmations is not, but is really close to the main of things, but $10 cheaper.

Just don’t stay in the mighty ducks…OMG it’s a hike!


I can vouch for that!!!
We stayed in Mighty Ducks last year!!!
That is a hike!

P.S. Welcome to DC sammisgee!


I paid for preferred twice and got lucky once…we were poolside, right near Cinema Hall…it was wonderful…the other time we were in the very last room facing the parking lot farther away from Cinema Hall than most of the rooms in Toy Story…it’s a crap shoot really.


Just stay away from Herbie the Lovebug - that’s a hike too!


I saw that they added toy story, that wasnt far from everything but I wouldn’t call that prefered.
I wonder if “prefered” is even worth the extra money. When I stayed at ASmu, I stayed in Jazz and that wasn’t prefered, yet was VERY close the everything.
LIke CB said a crapshoot ya know??