Best section at POP


We are staying at POP in September. We have stayed there before and got the 80’s section, by the “computer” pool, which, after walking the grounds, was my least favorite section of POP! The “computer” pool is small and square - yippee. :frowning:

What sections have you stayed in that were good - not too far from the Main, (as we require coffee as soon as we wake up), and not too loud? I would prefer not to pay for a “preferred” room, but wanted to know what to ask for.



I stayed in the 50s section…the Lady Building (Lady and the Tramp). I thought the location was PERFECT! Not too far from the main building AT ALL. We felt like we had our own private pool there, but it was borring…big and square. No biggie! We just walked 2 minutes over to the big pool!

I heard that some of the 50s section is PREFERRED now, but I have no clue which buildings/rooms. I just know I loved our section and thought the location was pretty good!


What pool was in the 50’s section…the computer pool is boring and square…do they have 2 boring square pools???


We stayed by the foosball big thing, I think it was 70’s, And it was perfect. Close to the big flower pool.


we stayed in the 70’s as well. Right beside the big twister board; disco music played all day and it was a quick trip to the busses and to the main hall. loved it! I’m not sure if it was preferred or not, though. there were buildings that were closer, so I wouldn’t think so… but no guarantees.

we did enjoy the main pool the best, but made our rounds to the computer and the bowling pin pool as well.


We just stayed there and stayed in the 50’s Bldg it was fine. The pool there is the bowling pin pool. It wasn’t crowded at all. We practically had the pool to ourselves. It was great!


Not to thread jack, but since we are staying at Pop during free dining…we requested 50’s building C, does anyone know what the theme is for that one? It is the one closest to 60’s and closest to the water.


We’ve stayed in the 80’s and the 50’s and our favorite was the 80’s…but I see what you mean…the computer pool can be a little boring. We actually walked to the Hippy Dippy pool because there was a rather unfortunate mucus incident in the Computer Pool that I still have not blocked out yet.
The 50’s is neat…the Bowling Pin pool was awesome. We’d really like to try the 70’s one day.


Oh YEAH…it was a Bowling Pool! Totally forgot! :confused: :laugh: