Best souvenir you ever brought home?


I am interested to know what has been your absolute favorite souvenir from WDW or DL, from all your trips, your entire life!

I love a little viewmaster-style keychain I got from HS (when it was MGM) – it has little colored keys you can put into the camera that each show a different park. So cute. And of course, my monorail magnet that has a button to push to play the monorail spiel in Spanish!

But my all-time favorite is a color pastel portrait of my kids from 2002 by Nancy Gansler, painted in the GF lobby one afternoon. This artist was so talented, and the finished picture was like looking at a photograph, it was so perfect! Wonder if she is still at the GF and still doing portraits? I will treasure it always.


Hmmm this is hard…actually…I would have to say that my favorite souvenirs. If you can call them that…are all the many photos and videos of our trips…

The photos I have of my daughters first trip at 3 and each trip thereafter are like a step back in time to wonderful memories…the photos are pictures of great time with my parents—who are no longer living…I pull them out every now and then and we laugh about things that we did on certai trips…

We can never go back in time to relive those memories, so the photos I “came home with” are probably my greatest souvenirs… :smile:


We have the monorail magnet which I love, but the number one is the Castle covered in snow which we put out every Christmas. I smile each time I open the box for that one.

And of course all the photographs and memories!



I don’t like having a bunch of chotchkies lying around, so I guess my favourite souvenirs are the kitchen utensils I usually pick up - like my measuring cups and spoons. Although I didn’t bring it home, I love the keychain my neighbour brought me from Hongkong Disneyland.


Hands down, my Mickey Mouse Ears umbrella. :happy:


Same here Andrea. We each have one and do we get looks when it raining out and we walk into stores with them.

The worst souvenir was one from this past trip wifey came down with C-dif the next day after we got home. She was in the hospital for 8 days and it took her another 2 month to fully recover from it.


[QUOTE=disneycouple30;1128292]Same here Andrea. We each have one and do we get looks when it raining out and we walk into stores with them.

I use my Mickey Mouse umbrella all the time. Not the new Disney Parks one, but a 5 year old MM that cost half as much and is much better made. But I don’t think that Mickey Mouse anything gets more than a brief glance in South Florida. Heck, at least a third of all cars on the road have some sort of Mickey antenna topper and another 10% have a WDW sticker or license tag ring. If I were to use it in Met Life Stadium (if it were allowed), everyone would stare.

I’ve got a monorail salt and pepper shaker set as well as MM acrylic salt and pepper grinders. The grinders live on the table.
I’m not sure if those are my best, but they’re good looking and useful.

I think the pictures and videos we all take certainly qualify as souvenirs. They certainly will last far longer than any manufactured item, especially if it’s digital and backed up in two different places!:cool: Plus, pics and vids will serve to help you remember certain moments far better than a stuffed Goofy or a signed framed acrylic painting from Art of Disney/


Hmmm, this is really hard. So many to choose from.

I’d have to say Best would be a personal autographed photo of Mickey & Minnie in wedding attire climbing in their Limo that was delivered to our room and left on my pillow with my fav new Mickey Watch during our 10th Wedding Anniversary trip.

Worst is no contest. A concussion from going head first on a slide at BB.


I have my favorite ever, and I would argue the best souvenir ever. My Grandmother went in 73. This is me in 73 in what she brought me back! I have it and the ears she brought me back that trip too. Disney lover since birth, oh yeah! That special lady took me on my first trip when I was 9 too. I have several pics from her first trip which I have posted on here. Man, I miss that woman, we would have loved Disney together with me as an adult.


I love this post! And the picture is adorable.


Besides the photos and memories, I’d have to say the Christmas ornament(s) we pick out every trip. Each one brings back their own special memories of that trip.


The good thing is, I am still that adorable! LOL. I was looking for the ears pic tonight and found my 2nd birthday cake, Mickey, and tons of other pics, Mickey. Man, this is a great thread! Made me find some great pics! My daughter saw the pic of my Grandmother with Mickey in 73 right behind the castle at the ticket booth to buy more ride tickets and said “Wow, he doesn’t look the same anymore”. LOL. Poor Mickey is getting older too.


Oh wait, one other thing, I have a back scratcher from that trip too! I have bought a couple others from later years to match that one (the design has changed very little). I forgot about that. Biggest question is though, why did my grandmother buy a back scratcher on her first Disney World trip?


Minnie’s Bakery Cupcake Mix.

Best I ever tasted.


An original key to the Grand Floridian!


my son :wink:


Heehee! Yep, that’s a good one! :ohmy::laugh:


I have two favorites!

The one I use most and was most excited to find is from DL. It’s a carabiner with a silicone (rubber?) Mickey shape on it that holds a water bottle. The neck of the bottle goes through his head. I take it everywhere, lol.

My sentimental favorites are the silhouettes of my kids :wub:


Back in '96 we bought a castle photo frame, I originally gave it to my parents, my Mom gave it back to me about 2 years ago. I love it.


nubeanie, Like the commercial! I thought it was worth watching again. :laugh:

Disney Cruise Line “Little Souvenir” Commercial - YouTube