Best Spa Services at WDW


Thinking of sending my wife one morning to a spa with one of her friends that will be there…to get away for a bit while I entertain kids…Which one is recommended by my fellow mousebuzzers?


I have been to the spa at SSR. It was REALLY nice. The moment you walk in you feel the relaxing begin. The whole atmospher is soothing and nice. I have had 3 messages there and would go back in a heart beat.


I would also recommend SSR –

I took DD to the spa at the Dolphin resort. We got pedicures, and it was lovely. We get pedis all the time, and I have paid a lot for them some places, so I didn’t check the pricing before we booked the visit. But when the bill came, the prices were so high that I wanted to cry all the way back to the hotel. It was insanely expensive.


I can offer a second hand preference: DW prefers SSR over the GF.


I just was at the spa for the first time at the GF about 2 weeks ago and it was lovely. It was my first time at a spa in WDW (although I am a spa junkie) and the amenities were perfect. It was very peaceful and serene. I got an aromatherapy massage and it was so relaxing and professional.

I am sure that whatever spa you choose your wife will be happy.