Best Spicy Shrimp dish can be found at


Ok all, headed to the World next week…my husband loves the Pastalaya at Rainforest Cafe and is looking for similar dishes at other locales. We’ve tried the Jambalaya at Boatwright’s and he’s had one he likes at Bubba Gump’s at that OTHER park…anyone know where he may find another one? Anything with rice or pasta, shrimp or chicken, in a spicy broth or sauce? Thanks for the help!!


Check this link for the House of Blues. Good eatin at this little shack.

House of Blues Lunch/Dinner - Downtown Disney


I don’t know of any particulars but I’m thinking Epcot’s restaurants within WS are your best bet. Check out AllEars for menus of course.


Oh! I always forget about House of Blues Boss Mouse! Thanks - I’ll check out the menu now! and thanks for your input too, TaraRae - we won’t be hitting Epcot this trip but we will when we go in Dec so I’ll look over the various menus for the WS restaurants, too!!!


It’s years since I’ve had the HoB jambalaya, but I recall it as serviceable but not 3 alarm hot.
If memory serves, Emeril’s at City Walk has a fairly peppy barbeque shrimp, if you feel like traveling over there. There is also a curry shrimp dish at Jiko.
Sadly, spicy seems to be on its way to extinction in most WDW restaurants along with shrimp.


Thanks Soundgod - we are actually lanning a trip over to CityWalk so maybe we’ll land at Emeril’s for lunch - I was just looking at the Margaritaville menu and noticed they have a couple of jambalaya-type dishes as well…I think you’re right- spicy seems to be hard to find at the World but there seems to be more than a few choices at the various Universal eateries!!!:ohmy:


Years ago I had the jambalaya at Margaritaville, but I seem to recall that I like HoB’s better.


Well Jiko is out since it’s not only curry, which DH is not fond of of, but it’s served with coconut rice and he can’t stand coconut. Margaritaville also has a “Bayou Shrimp Pasta” in addition to the Jambalaya that sonds like it’s right up his alley. We have an ADR for The Wave and I noticed they have a linguine dish with littlenecks and shrimp in a tomato broth…anyone tried it? There’s also a shrimp and penne pasta item listed on the menu for the Grand Floridian Cafe - anyone had that one? Any feedback on The Wave or GFC is appreciated as we’ve never been to either - we’re also hitting the Maya Grill! Thanks everyone!!!


I’ve had Margaritaville’s Jambalaya it was good and I thought it was pretty spicy!


I’ve been to Margartiaville in SC and had the shrimp pasta there. It was delicious!