Best Steak in WDW?


We will be heading off to WDW this Nov, I can’t wait, uggg, but I made some ADR’s this week, our normal places like 50’s Primetime, Tony’s, The Plaza (for lunch), and Trail’s End.

So I want a stek dinner, was thinkgin Fulton’s, but have been told it is not all that great, I have heard great things about Le Cellier, but other than that, where else is a good steak, I am not looking for a famcy dress up place, just a good steak dinner.


We have had very good steaks at Coral Reef,but our favorite place to get steak is Olivia’s Cafe in Old Key West resort.The grilled New York Strip is awesome.


Olivia’s huh? We are staying in OKW this year, we have done breakfast there and it was good, never had a dinner, although a friend of ours flew in and we took her there, she had a steak I think, but we had already eaten, I will have to check Olivia’s out.


Le Cellier, and the Filet Mignon, very tasty. I didnt dress up and have been there both during a late lunch and evening meal. I think late lunch works good, you can eat there, and only use one of your dining credits (if you are on the DDP); instead of 2 dining credits like you would in the evening. I will be heading to Le Cellier in November.


LeCellier is not a fancy, dress up place. However, it is now a “signature” restaurant for dinner, requiring 2 table credits (lunch is still 1 table credit). Excellent food!


I am checking out LeCellier for a lunch now, as expected dinner is probably a no go, nothing available, searching lunch now


The filet at LeCellier is definitely our favourite steak. There’s nothing fancy about LeCellier - it’s very laid back.
We also had a good steak at Narcoosee’s and it’s a nice, friendly atmosphere.

Many love the Yachtsman, but it’s definitely more formal. Surprisingly my dh had a very good steak at the Flying Fish.


Keep trying if you do not get it. I saw three openingsfor next week when i was looking today. There seemed to be enough availability. I think that disney is constantly shifting their openings and releasing new ones… Keep trying.


Yachtsman Steakhouse at the Yacht Club has amazing steak! Not to mention other stuff for people who aren’t big steak eaters


I was just looking into Yachtsman Steakhouse, it sounds good and looks like it could be on the list


Artist Point at the WL. Pam had the bison and it was outstanding. They also have other choices.

Also, the filet at Bistro de Paris cut with my fork on our last time there.


I would vote for Yachtsman steakhouse. Very good preparation.
We’ve had steak at the Bistro in France. Very, very good

Fulton’s is a seafood place…


The Yachtsman Steakhouse has great steaks and at certain times you can even watch someone cutting the beef into steaks.


Whispering Canyon is looking good to!


Are you on DDP? If not i’ve heard Shula’s has a good steak dinner.


Last summer we were at WDW with some friends, they had dinner at Shula’s and had tons of leftover steak between the six who went. I tasted some of their leftovers the next day and they were outstanding–even leftover. Some other friends with us said the leftovers from Shula’s were much better than their steak at Yachsman.

I like Le Cellier but the last time we were there it was just okay. My filet was so salty and a rarely say that about food.


Uh? The steak is good there???


Not sure yet, but I may find out in Nov.

Sounds like I have choices to make from all the suggestions.


Noooooooooo :ph34r:


If you’re staying at OKW you could take the ferry down to Saratoga Springs and eat at the Turf Club. We’ve had very good steaks there (and the prime rib is good too). Best of all it’s usually very quiet and relaxed. It’s a real “sleeper” restaurant. On a nice evening, sit on the veranda.