Best Steakhouse?


Hi! I need your advice for the best steakhouse at Disney! We will be on our honeymoon and are trying to plan out which places we want to eat…



We’ll we hear it is the Le Cellier in Canada, but we won’t know until Dec 4th!!
But based on getting PS’s it must be good.

The Artist point is also very nice (WL)!!
Let us know!


Yachtsman! :slight_smile:


oohhh yeahhh - that too!! :blink:


For us LeCellier has lost its luster:ohmy: We
consider the Yachtsman the best place for


I like Le cellier but never tried the Yachtsman …


I like Le Cellier but the last time we had dinner there I left hungry. the steak was the size of a white castle hamburger patty. :blink: :blink: It was good though.


Shula’s at the Dolphin.Expensive but worth it.If you are on the DDP, Le Cellier is great.


I am going to have to say Shula’s or Le Cellier. We tried Yachtman once and wasn’t blown away or anything. I had the most tender filet at Le Cellier and not to mention the sides and desserts are delicious.


Have to go with LeCellier - we had dinner there a couple of weeks ago - everything was perfect. Everyone is different, but I like LeCellier because the portions are so manageable. I have room for dessert and the Maple Creme Brulee can’t be beat.:wub:


Yachtsman’s or Shula’s. Le Cellier is very small and these days, almost impossible to get a reservation. It’s probably still good, but I won’t risk my precious time on vacation hoping I can get a walk up, even though I’ve been told that many who do make reservations do not show up.
But if you want a real steakhouse that serves steakhouse sized portions, it’s going to be Shula’s first or Yachtsman’s.


Having only tried Lecellier and concourse, I will have to go with Lecellier…YUM.


Would have to say 1) Le Cellier (EPCOT)
2) Shulas’ (Dolphin)
3) Yachtsman (Yacht Club)

In that order. All are good. Soundgod makes a very good point that getting into Lecellier is tough. Unless you make your ADR’s’ 180 days out that one could be tough.


I won’t know it until Februaury, but I hear that Lecellier is the best there is. Very popular and VERY expensive!!!


LeCellier is over rated and the service was so poor last time I ate at Yachtsman that I won’t even consider it. Concourse Steakhouse doesn’t have much of a selection.

Top of the line is Shula’s, but the best steak I’ve ever had in my life was the NY Strip at Flying Fish Cafe.


I’ll stick up for Yachtsman’s here. Our service was fine, but this must be balanced by our dining time of 9:40 when they are on the back side of any dinner rush and the place is emptying rapidly. I have had a really good filet mignon at the Concourse, and it was explained that all Disney O&O restaurants get their beef from the same source and that all meat in WDW meets the same specification. So, the filet mignon you get in one restaurant is the same as the rest. It does come down to preparation after that, and anyone can overcook a steak. Rest easy, you won’t have Concourse to kick around anymore in the near future. We ate at Le Cellier once and weren’t bowled over either, but service was good for us on that visit.


Le Cellier is so good!!


Ouch!! :eek: Darn, I really wanted to eat there during my next trip. I need to make some ADRs like now.


We eaten at all three and I’ll take the Le Celliar anytime


I remember reading in an earlier poll that Le Cellier in Canada was a large favorite