Best stroller for the parks?


This December I will be taking my two nephews and next year my friend will be going with us and taking her two daughters. I want to get a good stroller that will seat two children. My nephews are 3 and 1 and the girls will be 5 and 3 when they go. I was thinking about a double jog stroller since they are easy to push, but I want the kids to be able to set up easily also. Does anyone have any opinions or advice on a stroller. I also don’t want to spend a huge amount on the stroller. I know some jogger strollers can run $600 or more!


Have you thought about renting a double stroller there I know you can purchase a multiday use stroller ticket at the parks and it is good at all the parks. And if I remember right the more days you rent for the cheaper it is. my girls are 8 and 6 and our double stroller we have used there before won’t fit them anymore so if needed we will rent a double next time…


It costs about $30 to rent one double each day.

I have and love the Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller with Swivel Wheel. It goes for about $190.00. It has a great recline, huge sunshade and storage underneath.

Do your nephews and friend already have a double stroller? If so, take theirs as their kids will be most comfortable in that.

I know if you fly, airports will take it from you just before you board the plane and it will be there when you get off of the plane.

I would not rent, besides the huge cost- the seats are hard plastic.

Disney does sell a Kolkraft folding umbrella type strollers for about $40, but you would need 2 and 2 people to push. We forgot our stroller once when we just had one kid and that worked out great.


We bought an umbrella stroller @ Target last year for $13. It was almost the exact same one they sell @ Disney for $40! They make a connecting piece that you can attach two umbrella strollers together to make a double.


If you dont want to buy a stroller check out Craigslist.
Disney does have multi day tickets for the strollers. Im unsure of the price since I havent had to use one since 05


There have been many stroller discussions in the past, and really it boils down to personal preference and price.

We have travelled many times over the past 6 years with our kids now aged 2/4/6. We travel with a Graco front to back double stroller. We like it for the large sunshades, the cup and misc. holders, the large basket underneath, the reclining seats for on the go naps and the removable trays (we leave them off at Disney so the kids can hop in/out easier). I like the front to back design because I find it much easier to manouver through crowds/stores etc.
It is also easy to fold up for the bus transportation.

Our trips tend to be long, and we spend many days in the parks, so we save a lot of money by not renting a Disney stroller. We also get a lot of use at the airport, around the resorts and at DTD.

Oh, and our greatest finds for stollers…an extra large rock climbing clip to attach to the handle to carry an extra bag or camera bag etc. And a few years ago we found clip-on Mickey fans at WDW. We have had so much use out of them!! Perfect to clip on to the stroller shade and give a child/baby a bit of an extra breeze in the Florida Heat!!


I did WDW in July of 08 w/ a Chicco ct0.6, in non fancy talk, a really cool umbrella stroller. We (I mean me) agonized for 3 months over the stroller. It had to be able to carry a 1 1/2 yr old and then possibly a 43lb 3 yr old if she got tired. PLUS fold easy, be light enough, and have a shoulder strap. We rode the buses a lot. It was awesome, dh had no issues using it and carrying a toddler, the diaper bag and the stroller. He really was my pack mule I swear, I was 8 months prego at the time. It’s like 6lbs total and ANY shoulder strap from a duffel bag works, I forgot the one that came with it.:laugh: It breathed nice, dried quick when dampened by sweat or water, stood out in the crowd (its lime green w/ polka dots) and fit in any area I went in. It will be making it’s 2nd trip in Feb 2010 and I’m going to get another 1 for my youngest. I’d never do a double and am glad I didn’t then. It would have been way too bulky for most of the stores and even some of the crowds and hard as heck to get on/off the bus’ etc.


Ditto on the Target strollers. I have a pair that have made 3 Disney trips and just won’t die. There were many of these in the parks so I’d mark them up somehow. Very easy to fold up. I think I paid $9.


best ones we had in the parks were the caboose. Joovy has several sit and stands. They were ideal for us because it wasn’t as bulky as a true double plus had a seat for our youngest and a platform to stand on or bench to sit and ride for our middle who didn’t always need one but was just too small to keep up all day.


Now my days of using a stroller are well gone, but I would like to point out the last time we were in Frontierland during a parade, there was this poor lady trying to push her double wide stroller behind the crowds gathered, and it just didn’t work. Too wide for manuevering among people. I thought to myself that it would have been a lot easier for her if she had a double, front to back, stroller.


ahhh to have a Joovy…sigh I showed them to dh when we were there and he’s all “ooooohh now I see what you mean” apparently the pics online weren’t good enough. :blink:


Joovey’s are normally smaller than some of the others as they also offer just the “stand” model which shortens the stroller. Not bad either for around $130. Worked for my girls really well, much better than the full double tandem we tossed after 8 months.


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Definately do the craigslist thing and get a double stroller. It is the best thing to do. The umbrella stroller is a little too flimsy for the three year old, plus if you take a bigger stroller, you can load it up with water, snacks etc… I like the jogging stroller idea, but if you already have a double, use that…


Hmmm. That post a couple above me seems a tad fishy…


Sounds like an ad to me. btw…doubles would be fine if they weren’t using Disney transportation. I saw some poor family trying to get on the bus w/ a double and it just was not easy at all, The poor woman had to wrangle the baby, toddler, loot and diaper bag while her dh loaded up the stroller. They can weigh up to 30lbs or more. I couldn’t see doing that for a week or even 2 days. eek


You should get a stroller that has pillows on the front. So if you ram someone - it won’t hurt so much.


Ok, so four trips later I have tried every stroller option I could think of! I used our Joovy Tandem , which I hate by the way, everyone seems to love this stroller but I always found it hard to push and my kids were 3 and 4 year old skinny little girls! Definately would not recommend this one!

Second trip we took a friend of ours’ double jogger, I loved it! It manuvered very easily and the girls were extreamly comfortable in it! BUT… it was way too big to go in and out of the stores and I love to shop around and it was just a hassle!

Then we decided to rent the strollers from Disney and they were the most conveinent, they are easy for teh kids to get in and out of and push very easily (So easily we could do it with one hand!) but they were the most uncomfortable! My girls love them though. So just bring a cushy blanket to pad it and you should be all set!

Last time I brought my friends double McClaren and it was wonderful! Easy to push, very comfortable for our son (8 months at the time) and my younger daughter (4). My oldest got sick so we ended up renting a single stroller from Disney anyways (don’t worry, I made sure to wipe it down with Lysol wipes when I picked it up and when I returned it).

If this is not something you are planning to use frequently, I would say either rent from Disney OR buy a Mcclaren on Craigslist!


I promise not to ram anyone. I have lost some skin off of my heals and shins to some strollers used a crowd movers!


This would be good for the younger pair, but I’m a big fan of the sit and stand stroller. When we go back in August, dd will be old enough for that, and we’re buying one to take with us. Last trip we used an umbrella for ds and the snap and go frame stroller for dd’s carseat, because she was still so young. It was a pain to push 2 strollers around. I don’t want to do a double because of the width and bulk, and I really like the Sit and Stand kind because if ds wants to walk he can, and it’s more narrow.