Best theme park for nighttime?


What theme park do you think is the best at night?

I love both MK an Epcot, but lately we’ve been doing MK at night.


MK for sure! I love seeing the castle lit up at night, and no ride is better than BTMRR at night!


I voted for Epcot because of Spaceship Earth and stuff like that.


Magic Kingdom…nothing can compare to SpectroMagic…although…riding TOT at night is pretty cool! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


MK definitely! That’s why I get grumpy in the off-season when it closes at like 6! :noo: :crying: :angry: That is sooooo not cool.

I like Epcot and all, but rides at MK (like BTMRR, as jodilt said) are just SO much better at night! :wub:


MK for sure. Having Main Street USA and the Castle all lit up, Wishes and Spectromagic is great. I love doing a run on Splash Mountain to end the day. Epcot is a close second with Illuminations.


Much as I love Illuminations and seeing the monorail slide through the park at night, I guess it’s Magic Kingdom. At night you can see the things in the caves on Big Thunder, and there is a bit of a magical feeling in the air after dark. (I didn’t say that, did I?)


Epcot, 'cause it gots lots of room to walk around and because they have BEER!!!


Magic Kingdom hands down…it is my tradition!!!