Best theme pk view at Polynesian


Can anyone recommend a particular building within the Polynesian resort that offers the best view of the Magic Kingdom?


We had a park view room in Tahiti and loved it. The bad thing is, it was a long walk to the GCH. The good thing is, we were right beside the TTC so getting everywhere was a cinch!


Some of the best views are in the concierge lounge which is in Hawaii, and of course the rooms in Hawaii that face the MK.


Does the Poly still have the laua?


Yes, they still have the luau.
It is part of the dining plan too, but it is a two credit meal.


Yes they have the luau and as soundgod said it is on the DDP at 2 credits BUT it is broken down by levels and when you sepnd your 2 dining credits you get you into category 2 or 3 only. You can not request seating and could possibly get the worst seats in the house.

We are going in Sept to the luau but paid out-of-pocket so we could have Category 1 seating.



Sure, but Hawaii is limited to guests paying to stay Club Level.

For “regular” theme park view, the three possible buildings are Aotearoa, Tuvalu and Tahiti.

I stayed in Tahiti and loved it. Direct view of Space Mountain, great Castle view, great view of the beach, nice short walk to the TTC. But not a straight-on view of the Electrical Water Pageant. And a 4-5 minute walk to the Great Ceremonial House. The rooms in Tahiti are larger than the rooms in the other two TPV buildings, and there are 2 sinks in the bathroom (only 1 sink in the other two TPV buildings). ALSO, there are balconies on both the 2nd and 3rd floors … in the other two buildings there are no balconies on 2nd floor rooms.

Tuvalu probably has great MK views because you are just about right on top of the lake, no beach in front of you. Some people might love this, but I liked having the beach in front of us. Great location relatively near the Great Ceremonial House and the boat dock (the boat to Magic Kingdom).

Aotearoa is in distant third place, in my opinion. It’s set pretty far back from the lake. The definition of TPV is an unobstructed view of the Castle. From Aotearoa, it’s a sort-of tunnel vision view of the Castle, with Grand Floridian to the left and the Fiji longhouse jutting out to the right. Great that it’s near the GCH, but it’s also right on the walking route to and from the Luau, so there’s a noise and privacy factor there, too.