Best time for Donald's Safari Breakfast?


we were thinking 10:00…kinda making it a brunch.

plan on doing the safari 1st and then breakfast.

does this sound like a good plan, or would it be better to go earlier?

(Dec. 15th)


That sounds fine to me; especially if you want to do the safari first. I’m of the kind that has to eat before anything can be done but if your family can hold off then you should be fine. I think it’s very smart to do the safari first thing while the crowds should still be low.


We ate breakfast at 10:30 last Sunday. The crowd in Tusker House had already thinned out and it seemed as if the characters were running on fumes or looking at their watches. I’m sure with more of a crowd to play to, they are more animated.


any more opinions?

i am calling tomorrow to make my ADR’s!!


As late as possible. As other families leave, you get more character interaction.

We typically enter AK, get FPs for a main attraction (was Primeval for us… now Expedition Everest), then get in line for Kilamanjaro Safaris (little wait in the mornings), and that gives us just enough time to get to Donald’s (was Breakfastosaurus) Safari Breakfast.

So around 10:00… and later is ideal. That way, you can skip lunch.


yeah!! this is what i was hoping for!

thanks for sharing the details of how your family does AK mornings…and the breakfast.

we do plan on skipping lunch by having such a late breakfast.

thanks again!


No problem… and btw they do hose off the ground in the mornings, and it gets a little slippery in Africa, so be careful in that Kilamanjaro queue, especially if walking very fast. Not much traction.


I don’t know what the times are, but we do Chef Mickey’s at last seating (11:30). This serves as an early lunch for us.


10:00 is perfect! PERFECT!! We did the 10:00 a few years ago and it worked out just great!!