Best Time of Day for Character Meals / Chef Mickey's


More specifically, we are looking at having breakfast at Chef Mickey’s late Sept./ early Oct. I know I have seen a post stating the later in the morning, the better for character interaction, but cannot locate it.

What is the best time of the day to reserve a table at Chef Mickey’s or any other Character meal?


I think the best time for a character meal at breakfast time is the last seating or as close to the last seating as possible. That way,you get more time with the characters,as the restaurant tends to be less crowded.


We went to CM at 10.45am, it was great! All the characters came around at least 3 times and we were only there about 1 hour! My girls loved it!


I agree - plus it turns into brunch and you don’t need lunch that day. And when my kids were little we always preferred breakfast over dinner. After a full day in the parks my kids were apt to get cranky in the evening. In the morning you start out fresh.


For chef’s, I would try to get the last table at around 11am. That way you can hit the MK in the early morning and do all the headliners and then take a brunch break at Chef mickey’s. Try to arrange this on MK’s EE morning. You should hop parks at that point anyhoo. If you aren’t going to do this scenerio, I suggest getting the first available table so you can get to the park or choice at rope drop.


Definitely. When you call, ask for the last available seating for breakfast. If you time it right, you can try out both meals for your brunch, as they start to put out the lunch foods close to 11a.

It’s funny…you see the people lined up outside, clamoring to get inside for their lunch, but you are not being rushed out at all.


I like to go to Chef Mickey’s late in the morning. We hit MK and do some big rides then go and enjoy breakfast. I think we went about 10:30 last summer and by the time we left about half the tables were enpty. We got to do a lot before the park got too crowded and still got to enjoy a character breakfast.


Nothing left for me to say. I see a lot of people have the same ideas that I have. Wait for the crowds to thin out. Plus it’ll fuel you later into the afternoon. Chef Mickey’s closes at 11:30 and does not serve lunch. they reopen at 5 for dinner.
I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned Crystal Palace in this thread, but the same rules apply with the added attraction of Crystal Palace switching over to the lunch menu while you finish breakfast in a half full dining room. Say hi to Piglet.


dinner is also fun. Since it is buffet style. Another great part is after dinner you can run upstairs to the top of the contemporary resort and watch the fireworks on the roof. Good times.


I have only been for breakfast, but had wonderful interaction with the characters and good food !!