Best time of year to goto DisneyLand


When the kids are in school and the parents are at work lol

for me its the first week of december, as no crowds and xmass decorations are up :happy:


p.s. look at my shadow, that right its already late in the day and still no one there lol


wow thats so awesome. I’ve never been in December but that sure looks like the time to go!
I did go in late January one year and it was the same crowd level wise, totally empty! We got to ride Splash Mtn and BTMRR and Space Mtn 5 times each without getting off! There were no lines for anything, it was the best!


“I did go in late January” … hey Princess Tessa, was it slow even after 3.00pm or did it start getting crowded then? i try and alway go in middle of week and sometimes its slow ppl wise but by 1pm to 3 pm it starts getting packed.


it was totally dead the whoooole time, it was the best trip ever!!!
We never stood in line with more than 5 people in front of us, it was grand :biggrin:
Do you live nearby?


I live north of DL about 2 hours i guess, i just moved i did live south of DL by about 2 hours lol, if i ever lived closer i’d wanna work there part time for sure, ive always wanted to work there :slight_smile:


I am so jealous, hehe! Living on the East Coast and being a teacher I have to take a trip to DL whenever I can get it :dry: I am going from June 27th-30th, which I know is starting to enter the madness. :wacko: ALTHOUGH, I DID choose to arrive on a Tuesday in hopes that will being there during weekdays will fend off the crowds AS MUCH as POSSIBLE!

Thanks for the photo, how funny! You look like the only visitor there! Wouldn’t THAT be amazing?!?!


“You look like the only visitor there! Wouldn’t THAT be amazing” as strange as this might sound its more fun with more ppl than were there that day, other ppl having a good time there just makes it way better of course too many ppl is just too many ppl, but i do like to share my park with others lol


WOW, a couple hours from DisneyLand and so far about 3 inches of snow this morning and it only 4am


Thats how it’s been up here in the Seattle area, we had snow on our lawn when I woke up yesterday. Seems awfully late for that!

Now, snow at DL would be great to see (not the bubbles they use at Christmas :happy: ). Can you imagine how magical that would be!


That would be magical, espeically if it was during all the Christmas festivities!! I’ve always wanted to see real flurries at WDW… ppppsssshhhht, I think you have a better chance at DL. haha! :tongue:


Wow! That’s great! Maybe we’ll try to plan something around that time!


I love going in Mid to late October when I have a week off from school, most California schools dont have that week off so the parks are like totally empty, its great.


We were there last September from the 13th for a week. I don’t think we waited longer than 10mins for anything (and that was only a couple of rides) and the weather was absolutely perfect.


I have nothing to add to this thread except to point out that you are one nice lookin’ guy, BFG!!!

(have you ever read the book BFG?)


Erin, I was thinking the same thing. hehe. what a looker! :wink: :happy:


That is good to know. I am planning on going this September


Erin, i never read that book, my tag comes from a game i used to play about 6 or 7 years ago named quake2, in the game is a gun called the bfg which stands for big … gun, and 3dfx for the video card i ve used for that many years lol, ladies as far as being nice looking im not so sure about that but ty anyways that was very kind of you, big disney hearts you must have



Anytime is good, but I absolutely love that 1st week or two of December. :biggrin: I have only ever gone when school has been IN, so I really don’t know about the HUGE crowds. I also avoid those holidays that let kids out of school too… :wink:


I loved playing Quake2… :happy: I also had a 3dfx card too… :laugh:

So I knew where your cool name came from! :wink: