Best time to book for December


OK my next trip is not even here yet and I am planning another. We have gotten lucky with a long Christmas break and plan to go to WDW December 31 to Jan 3. We are going to stay on site for the first time. When would it be best to book? Will better deals come if we wait or should I jump in now?


i would book NOW…special rate codes can be applied to your reservation whenever they are released.


Chottsy is right, book now and apply any discount later. However, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a discount between 12/22 or 23 and Jan 2. That is peak season and the resorts are booked solid so Disney doesn’t have to offer a discount to fill empty rooms.


Sorry. You are going to pay absolute top dollar for every day between Dec 23 and Dec 31 and there are no discounts.
On the other hand, January 1 generally starts value season and Fl resident and AP rates will be available, but not until around October. Keep in mind, all special rates are for room only reservations and not for MYW packages.
You could book right now to make sure you get the exact resort and room type you want. I have booked in early December, but I have had to take what I could get. On the other hand, even so, I wouldn’t exactly call it getting stuck if all there is is Old Key West or Caribbean Beach.


this is slightly off the orig. topics, but am i nuts for thinking that there is an AP discount that comes out in mid Aug. for room only ressies during the week prior to Thanksgiving???

i think i even saw it listed in previous discounts given on mousesavers…i am going to have to go double check!!!


okay…i double checked… i am okay! :C)

Cubsblue: check out this link & site…great discount code info. & tons of info. on saving on almsot everything!! - Historical Information on Walt Disney World Resort Discounts


As always you all overwhelm me with info and help. I’m on it now.


Alrighty. We are booked in a FW cabin! Looks like it is just my style. Roughing it with heating and air!


Yay!! Congrats!! you will love it!

now you can go search for all the info. on FW cabins!

Happy planning! :C)


Fort Wilderness? I never saw that one coming.


I like to surprise people.

Actually I have been researching the on site accommodations and this looked like the best fit for our crew. They do not appear to have internet access from anything I have seen but we don’t look to spend much time in the cabin anyway.


You can always dial up and keep it brief.


I have a Sprint card that gives me high speed everywhere. I’ll just take it.


You’ll have high speed only if the phone lines are carrying the DSL carrier, and I don’t think they do. There is no cable internet on property and the in-room that they do have, where they have it, is through the network.
(I hope I didn’t confuse you more.)
I’m not sure about wireless internet service in the WDW area.


My card runs off the Sprint cell service or whatever is in that area. I’ve checked and it is available all over Orlando including all of WDW. I love it because I’m not tied down. It works virtually anywhere.


The cabins are great- certainly not roughing it!! There is so much to do at FW that you might find yourselves spending more time there than you think! Enjoy.