Best time to go in the Spring?


I have a friend who is considering a visit in April or May. I have not really been during either of these months. Are there any times that are better than others? She wants to go before most schools get out and, of course, with the lowest possible crowds for this time frame.

Any suggestions?


May is a little hotter than april, but less crowded. I would choose the first week of May and stay FAR away from Memorial day weekend or any weeks where schools start to get out.


Mother’s Day Weekend is my FAVORITE time to go! The parks aren’t busy yet, the weather is GREAT and the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot is one of my favorites! :wub:


Definitely May… April is crowded with spring-breakers.


I also say May is great


Early May is a great time to go. the weather is warm, but not too hot or humid yet. the crowds are manageable before the schools let out, and all of the spring breaks are over. Late in the month, it builds as the schools get out, and it gets a lot warmer.


I vote May as well. WE have been in May several times and everytime it is awsome. This year we will be there for Mothers Day, so I am very excited about that.


3 years in a row i went April 19th - 25th and it has always been pretty manageable crowd wise. This is my first real trip in May. I am excited but worried about the heat. April is so nice.


May, May, May!!!

The last 3 trips we’ve taken in May and will never go any other time. The crowds are very manageable, the weather is low to mid 80’s during the day, like no rain, the F&GF is going on, park hours are perfect and if you are into the water parks, the weather is perfect!


My vote is definately for end of April (make sure you are at least a week after Easter) or anytime in May.
Weather’s great, crowds are minimal. Perfect time of year to go.


We usually go early March and it is more than fabulous.No spring breakers yet, and it is not hot at all. Just avoid Easter and President’s week. That is a madhouse…


We have been in May many times. It is definately our favorite time.
Warm weather low crowds.


easter week does that mean the week before or the week after we are going april 3rd but leaving the tenth… when do the nutty crowds start? sorry if i hijacked?


Thank you so much for all your input. I thought May might be better, now I have advice from experts.

I will tell my friend and let her decide.

You guys rock!


this is what I was jsut thinking too!! I am nervous now as we are leaving March 24 thru Apr 7 next year. I am an ickle bit panicked!!!:eek:


March is the best time, I think!