Best time to go


in planning our trip for the three of us wondering if March is an okay time to go and if it is better than mid-May which is when we have gone im the past.Thanks. :laugh:


Mid-March is considered peak season and you’re not guaranteed swimming weather,so I would go in May when it’s regular season and you will definitely be able to swim.


The temps will be lower in March but a bit more rain. March temps (70’s and 80’s) May temps (high 80’s & 90’s). I would only choose the first week of March…any later and you’ll be battling Spring Break crowds. May also has special events that bring more crowds and requires more careful planning - Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival, Disney Studios Star Wars Weekends, and Grad Nites. I personally think you could swim in either March or May. It is possible to have a lower temp day in March but much more pleasant park hopping temps IMHO! So, my pick would be early March.


March is good as long as you steer clear of the week before and the week after Easter. Scary!:eek:


I’d vote for May. We’ve been there in March (different weeks) and they were all crowded, because Spring Breaks are different for everyone. The weather in May will certainly be nicer (but I like the heat) and it’s kind of that in between time, after Spring Break and Easter, but before school lets out of the summer. With planning you can avoid things like the Star Wars weekend, etc. Personally, I’d love to see the Flower Festival.


I voted for May because I will be there then…and maybe we can bump into each other!

“hey fellow disney freak!”
“howdy, disney pool boy!”


I agree with the others on going in mid May. We use to go in October and went in May the first time last year. We loved it so much that we said we would only go in May from now on.


March is also PRIME cheerleader time…and it’s not just a few weeks…i think they start in Late February and stay until the week before easter…the BEST time to go would probaly be mid-may (although maybe not THIS May bc of the HCOE)


Best link for attendance that I have found :happy:


That’s a good one, dementia. I didn’t realize they had worked out a projection for the new varied EMH.


This will be our 4th May in a row. Can’t say weather March would be better. We choose May since the crowds are lower (most of the time) great swimming weather, we’ve only had a few partial days of rain the last 3 years.


I would choose the first week in March before the Spring Breaks begin. May can be really hot and humid which makes it miserable. DH swore we would never go back in the summer because we got over heated. The weather would be alot cooler in March and yet you would still have days that you could go to the water parks. Just my opinion though.


We went the first two weeks in March about 2 years ago. The first week was great no crowds and no waits, the second was so different. Huge crowds and very very long waits for rides! The weather was great we still went to the water parks and we were swiming most evenings.
Hope this helps.


we have been twice,both times in May and we were very happy with that. Water parks are not a concern, money is! So it would appear that May is the best choice
Thanks for all the replies!


We love mid-May, but we’d never turn down a March trip!!!


Dab is right, Spring Break is a very hectic time to go. I was just there during this year’s Spring Break and it was CROWDED! We went a couple of years ago just after Memorial Day and it was terrif! personally, I think March is WAY too cold to swim, Spring Break wasn’t a whole lot better although the water parks had pleanty of guests. The last day we were there was in the mid-80’s.

If you’re not going to swim then consider autumn. I went once in October and another time in November. October had pleasant days and cool nights, a great change if you are starting to get cold weather elsewhere.