Best Time to Go


In your opinion, what is the best time to go. We just returned from an 8 day stay. I would prefer to go when the parks are at their slowest. However, I am not interested in going during free dining, when the restaurants are crazy. I know that they usually offer discounts during the slow season, any ideas what they are? I guess I would be looking during early dec. however, that time of year seems crazy or Jan. 2009.

Any input, ideas, advice would be great! Has anyone been Jan/Feb? My daughters bday is 2/14 - maybe that would be a good time, although sometimes it is Pres. day weekend?

Sorry to ramble…just can’t wait to start planning again! TIA


The slowest time in the parks is the first 2 weeks of December. This is a beautiful, magical, festive time and the crowds are really low.

People often can not go at this time of year, but if you can, fantastic.


Anytime I can go is a good time.

For me, I mean - it’s a good time for me.


I agree with timkelmom, the first two weeks of December are wonderful. Also, the first few weeks of May are nice. You have the flower festival in Epcot and the crowd levels aren’t bad.


We’ve gone just about every time of year, except May and December - two times when I would like to go. That being said, the week after Labour Day is a very good time, crowdwise. We once went the first week of March and it was really slow. I mean REALLY slow. There were times when my dd and I were the only ones on the bus. And weather-wise it was very pleasant.


The only ones on the bus, that is what I am looking for. Restaurants that can handle the crowds, short lines for rides, nice weather and no cheerleaders, highschool seniors, etc!


Jan. after the holidays is also a great time to go. If you go in Feb, avoid President’s Day weekend and the days before and after. But the rest is great. We went in Jan of 02 and Feb of 05. Both times parks were pretty empty.


The least crowded week at WDW is the week after Labor Day. The first 2 weeks of December have a reputation for not being crowded, but I think that’s less and less true every year.


Are the restaurants crazy during September due to free dining? I like the no crowd, but don’t want to wait an hour for an ADR.


We went last year (2006) during free dinning. Thank goodness we planned ahead for our ADRs. We tried to switch a few times while we were there, but no luck. Everything was booked. So the crowds are low, but I think your chances of a walk up at a popular TS are slim. You will really have to plan ahead. Especially if it is somewhere you really want to eat.


That is what I don’t want. I like to have at least a little flexibilty and it seems as if it is not possible in Sept.

What is the opinion of dining availability in early dec/jan? And, when do they tape the christmas parade, I hear it is crazy for a few days b/c of it.


We just got back (10/12 - 10/20) and were surprised at how crowded it was for mid- to late-October. However, the Halloween Parties and the EPCOT Food & Wine festival were on. For example, the FastPass for Soarin’ was in the 4:00 to 5:00 range within an hour or two after park opening, with the Stand-by wait averaging 60 minutes.

We were specifically discussing whether there are even any “down” times anymore, what with all the incentives (e.g. free dining plan) or ancillary events (e.g. Food & Wine, Garden Festival, Marathon, etc.).

With young kids who need naps (or at least downtime) during the day to avoid being really cranky, and who tend to wither in the heat, having to wait in lines really cuts into the amount of park enjoyment we can have.


My first thought was…the best time to go???


In the last few trips have been Sept or Dec. Sept was hot, but the lines were good. Dec. was cooler, but I think it was a bit more crowded. Neither was empty, empty. On our last trip (2 weeks ago),there were a few times we did a walk on at splash moutain and rides like that.


We prefer the first two weeks of December but have gone in Oct., Jan. and Feb also. Were not big fans of the summer months with the heat and crowd sizes there


This is when were going and we can not wait. I hope the crowds are managable.

We used to go the first few weeks in January, empty!


I think we may be looking toward January. However, last night, DH said we should leave the kids home? At first I thought it was mean, but they are 2 and 3 and would never know…


go for it!! i’d love a trip with just DH - we could ride rides together, eat at restaurants leasurely (well…more than usual, we do have kids who enoy eating out), spend some quality time together. and you can bring the kids back some nice gifts to make up for it!


And what tell them the truth? I could never get away with that. They would think we were at a boring convention for work, LOL!! DH said when they are our age we will come clean and laugh about it.


My DD went with her school at the end of Jan beginning of Feb and they walked on everything


My favorite times:

First two weeks of Dec.

Jan. except for MLK