Best time to stay


What is the best time to stay? When the crowds are smaller, the prices are lower and it’s still warm enough to swim and wear shorts (I live in So. Cal and HATE cold weather).


The week before Thanksgiving. Low crowds, temps in the mid to high 70s. We’re from Michigan, THAT is very warm :laugh:


I would say from Thanksgiving to Christmas is our favorite time and the weather has always been good and the crowds smaller but it’s getting more crowded as time goes on


Oh, and in 10 days of being there, NO RAIN, not one drop :biggrin:


I would say anytime in October, November, early February is great for low crowds, but might not be able to swim. Just depends.


Late October (but not around Halloween), the week before Thanksgiving and early May.


We’ve had wonderful times in the last week of April to first week of May scenarios. We’re actually going to try January this year, arriving the day after King day. (You always want to avoid holiday weekends)


Last year we went the first week of December. We were in shorts every day and brought sweaters for night time things. It was fine for swimming too. Our friends went two weeks later and it was COLD… October and November would be a great time for weather too.


Late September is wonderful! Crowd free and still warm. After free dining is over!


We’ve had great success in May as well. April makes me nervous because of spring breaks. But I agree with everyone that months like October, November and February have some of the lowest attendance.


We went at the end of April begining of May this year and it was perfect. I am going in November this year so I am hoping it is nice also. I love to swim at the resorts so it will be very interesting to me. Last year we went in Dec and it was pleasently warm as well. It is Florida so anything is possible. We have been in Feb. and were frozen to the bone one night. Daytime was nice but night time was a bit chilly for me. I prefer the warmer months because I HATE COLD!!


My vote would definitely be October.


Another October fan here. Food & Wine at EPCOT, Halloween party at MK, the weather is nicer so the animals come out more often at AK. Still warm for shorts and swimming but not sweating the moment you leave your room.

September is also good but now with free dining being well-known it can get a bit crowded.

Just stay away from holiday weekends and you should be fine Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan & Feb.


Amen to that!:laugh: I live in Southern California. It’s been cold the last couple of days (65 in the morning). I can’t wait for the 100 degrees expected for tomorrow! To me, 70 is to cold for swimming. I bet some of you to the north say that is perfect swimming weather, but not for me!


I think November is a good time to go (not Thanksgiving though). It’s warm during the day and some nights, too!


We love February!! Just the right weather!!


:ohmy: Doesn’t anybody ski?!! Almost anytime in Florida is good!!


CM’s magic answer…“whenever kids are in school” :laugh:

We used to get this question all the time at FW…


[QUOTE=FireAngel;886450]CM’s magic answer…“whenever kids are in school” :laugh:

We used to get this question all the time at FW…[/QUOTE]

What’s FW?


The best time I ever went was this past Feb. It was the last day of Feb to the first few days in March.
the weather was perfect and the crowds were no where to be found