Best Toddler Restaurant Outside of the Parks?


I need a suggestion. What would be the best restaurant to take a 20 month old? Dec 23rd, we need to plan a meal, outside of the parks. She loves the characters. We have been to Chef Mickey’s and will be going to Ohana’s earlier in the week. Any other suggestions?

This will be our last day (until May :tongue: ) and I want to make it special.


I would suggest 1900 Park Fare at GF to anyone, young and old alike. There is nothing like getting off the monorail at the GF and walking through the gorgeous public spaces to the restaurant. The character breakfast there is wonderful.


I second 1900 PF, definitely the best atmosphere of any character meal and less chaotic which is great for a toddler.


1900 PF. You get the meal but you also get to see the Christmas decorations and the Gingerbread house!

Lisa :mickey:


1900 Park Fare was very nice. We had breakfast there and it was a nice buffet. We saw Mary Poppins, Alice, The Mad Hatter, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. Alice was amazing and spent many minutes soothing my frazzled daughter (long day the day before and really the first up close character interaction). Alice took my daughter and calmly spoke with her and cuddled her on her lap. It was wonderful. I also agree that the decorations in GF are great. The gingerbread house is something to see. Very beautiful.
There is also Cape May Cafe at the Beach Club for character interaction. I unfortunately cannot comment as we will be trying this for the first time in January.


I think this is the best idea, too! 1900 Park Fare! And be sure to check out the tree in teh middle of the lobby! Look closely! It is covered with Victorian.l things!