Best transportation from SNA to DGC?


I’m flying into Orange County and staying at Grand Californian - -

Comparing price AND convenience, what is the best way to get between the airport and hotel?

(just one person, so a rental car doesn’t make sense - not planning to go off site for this short trip)



In July we took the Disneyland Express from LAX to DLH. The also service SNA but I have never personally used SNA.

We were very pleased with them. Their first stop is the DLH, were we got off, so I’m not sure how many stops are between DLH and DGC but I’m sure there aren’t many. There weren’t even that many people on our bus to begin with and the was during busy season and at LAX.

If you do use them, make sure you go to the web site sometimes they have coupons for discounts. Southern California Gray Line - Airport Information


I think this is probably the best option if cost is more important to you than convenience. If you want to be assured that there won’t be any additional stops, the only option would be a taxi. But, I’m sure that would be well over $40 one way.


I think a taxi would be really expensive. We took one from a hotel (in San Diego) to San Diego Airport and it was little over 15.00. Taxis are expensive so Id look into the bus or even the train if you wanted to go that way. The bus would be the most convient and least expensive.