Best value for quick service


Just wondering what you all think would be the best places to use our quick service throughout Disney?


The Biergarten


Are you just looking for the most expensive or what restaurants are our favorites?


The most expensive Trying to get our monies worth


I had no idea the Biergarten had a CS :ninja:


Sunshine Seasons Food Court in The Land is our favourite quick service. I don’t know if it’s the most expensive - but it has good quality food and lots of choices. The grilled salmon with olive taupinade is delicious - as good as some sit-down places.

Yaki & Yeti Counterservice at the AK has good food - and it’s rather pricey.


Yep - walk back towards the main entrance(doors), look to the right.


Yep, my DH gets a brat and beer just about every trip.


Thanks Boss,

that’s a definate in September.


Wolfgang Puck Express Marketplace side of DTD. GREAT food, pretty pricey if you’re paying out of pocket. It’s a must do every trip for us. In fact, we go there several times each trip


Wolfgang Puck Cafe and Sunshine Seasons.


Columbia House, Pecos Bills- MK
Germany, Moracco and England- EP/WS
Flame Tree- AK (currently closed for rehab I think)
Nothing in HS
Wolfgang Puck- DTD


Sorry where is Biergarten and what type of food.


It’s in Germany in the World Showcase at Epcot. Great food!
Sunshine Seasons is also awesome.


well if you like chik & ribs I think that would run you around $12+ at Cosmic Rays. Pretty pricey imo for cs.


What about the Boulangerie Patisserie in the France Pavillion - the quiche is great and you can’t get a better Napoleon anywhere


best way to find out…Restaurant Dining Menus from Walt Disney World


I think it’s called Sommerfest. Try the cheesecake for dessert. YUM!!!


But hot food options are limited to bratwurst or frankfurter.


Best value for dollar of dining plan would be Sunshine Seasons, Cosmic Ray’s (chicken and rib platter), and now Fairfax Fare in the Studios (now also serving ribs and chicken).
Wolfgang Puck Express in DTD is also good value for QS meal credit.