Best Wait Time App


What phone app have you all found to be the most accurate?

Touring Plans
Verizon Mobile Magic


[QUOTE=Pam&Rich;1122558]What phone app have you all found to be the most accurate?

Touring Plans
Verizon Mobile Magic

I used Disneys Mobile Magic and the Touring Plans App…I didn’t find either really accurate most of the time…I quit using them for wait times… however the Dining Part of the Mobile Magic was awesome…last minute…you can find a table within the park, make the reservation thru the app and get a confirmation…no phone call…just show up…

The touring plans app works off of users submitting wait times to it…you are looking at someone else’s honesty…just FYI…


count my vote for Touring Plans.


I use a different one. It’s simply called Disney World Wait times.
It’s good enough and it loads really fast because it doesn’t try to do a ton of things. It just gives wait times for the 4 parks. Plus, users can update the wait times when they see different times. I know this could be a problem, but it didn’t seem to be much of a problem for me in July.


We like Touring Plans, and use Mobile Magic to make last minute dining reservations.


I have a few apps downloaded and ready to go… was wondering the same myself about the different apps.


I had to go look what was on my phone. I have MouseWait and Mobile Magic. I’ve used WDW Wait before but didn’t find it very accurate.


I use one by Phunware, it is a free App, it has a cartoon looking frog as the app avatar, it has undercover tourist written on the app itself when you use it.


So I guess that they are all only as acurate as the guest updating them?


I got this one on my phone, can’t wait to try it.


I have found it to be pretty accurate, I like to check the wait boards int he parks, compare them to the app, then go to the ride and see the wait times.

I like the distance feature, not that I use it a lot, but it is kind of cool to see how far away you are from the rides, I use it at home and it is sooo far away, they measure in yards, so seeing 1.5 million yards from a ride is sad.


yes :blush:


For the most part, I find Disney Mobile Magic reliable. The downside is that you can only see wait times for the park you’re in. But I like it because it tells you where all of the characters are, when all of the shows are, and you can make dining reservations. You can also set reminders for shows or dining reservations. It’s a pretty fun app.


My Disney Experience has been rolled out to replace Mobile Magic for iphones and androids. I have it but haven’t used it yet. I have 4 apps on my phone for the upcoming trip.


That’s about the size of it.


I downloaded the My Disney Experience App and it does not rely on the guests updating, at least that is what it looks like, so maybe Disney controls it?


I have that one as well. It looks really good so far.


I don’t think Mobile Magic relied on guests updating it, either. I did just download My Disney Experience, though.


I think the Dining reservations is a nice feature on My Disney Experience, at least you can check what is available if you have a last minute change for dining while in a park.


Disney Mobile Magic does not have any way to input wait times so it can’t use that data…touring does…

DMM s best feature in my book is its direct reservation system…