Best way from Epcot to Contemporary


We are dining at Chef Mickey’s in the Contemporary and will be coming from Epcot. Is it as simple as riding the monorail to the resort?


Take the Epcot Monorail to the TTC. There, get on the Resort Monorail. That will take you to the Contemporary.


It’s almost that simple. It’ll require one change of monorail at MK. You change to the resort loop, and get off at the Contemporary.

It’ll be one enjoyable commute, that’s for sure!


Kim, are we thinking alike and posting at the same time again??


But of course!!! :happy:


You can also hop a bus from your resort to the park. But the monorail is more memorable.


You could walk too. :laugh: Sorry.

Another boring alternative is to drive to EPCOT that morning, then take your car from EPCOT to the Resort.

A final boring and expensive alternative is a Taxi.

Honestly, I don’t recommend any of these suggestions. The Monorail Rocks!


Ditto that one! :laugh:


I’m just saying, it is the easiest way to go. Walk up to a bus stop that says Epcot. Get off at Epcot. Boring, yet simple.


Like everyone said, “take the monorail!” Try to get a ride in the front car, if you haven’t done this already its a blast.


If you are in the far end of the World Showcase at Epcot, you may want to exit out of the World Showcase walk over to the Beach Club and take their bus over to the MK, where you can then walk over to the Contemporary.


Great suggestion. Keep in mind Epcot stays open later than MK on some nights, and busses to MK might not be running when Epcot closes.


Last week I heard at least one of the bus drivers who pulled up at the Contemporary tell guests that there was a bus to Epcot from the Contemporary. This is a LIE! The only way to get to and from the monorail resorts from Epcot, is by monorail. THERE IS NO DIRECT BUS!!!
That said, if you are coming from any non-monorail resort to the Contemporary, take the bus to the MK and walk over to the Contemporary. The walk is not going to be much longer than walking from the bus station to the monorail platform.

“Great suggestion. Keep in mind Epcot stays open later than MK on some nights, and busses to MK might not be running when Epcot closes.” Cavey

The resort monorail will run until 11 PM every night in order to move resort guests around the lagoon and to and from Epcot. That is, the monorail runs two hours after the later park closing because it is the only transport between the “beam” and Epcot because there are no direct buses.


if all else fails, take a bus to wilderness lodge, and take a boat over to the CR.