Best way to book a trip?



[/B]I usually book our trips threw AAA, but I was wondering if anyone had any better suggestions? I was REALLY not too pleased w/ my package in March, and some how I got scamed out of my $200.00 gift card :mad:
So as you can imagin I really don’t want ot go back!

Plus all my in laws are comming in June 2010 so I REALLY need the best plan.

Dose it make more sense to book strait threw Disney?
How about Mousesavers? Do they add charges?

Any suggestions would be a great help:mickey:


I call Disney and book myself. Watch for any specials you can apply.


i book through AAA and keep up to date on other discounts and call and apply. Though, you can get the AAA discount on room only and book through disney.

I do think booking is part of the fun, so I spend time researching.

There are a few expert disney travel agencies that do that for you and you can contact them. mousesavers doesn’t book for you, only gives you the codes for discounts I believe.


I have used AAA for two trips and had very good experiences with them. When I booked my upcoming trip, though, I booked directly with Disney. The reason why is that I had an email with a pin that was for 40% off at a value resort. Out of curiousity I called Disney to ask if the same pin could be applied to a deluxe; upon checking, the agant said yes, so I put a hold on the rate and booked the next day! So I just hope that the rest(the Magical Express transfers, etc.) goes as well as it did with AAA(it should, after all they book it the same way) and I’ll be very pleased.:happy:


Thanks for the info!! I do agree “Jen in Maine” half the fun is doing the research for the booking!!
Is it possiable to get discounts after the fact of booking? Will Disney refund money? I want to book SAP but I don’t want to miss any good deals?


I used a local travel agent and that worked really well
and I used MouseEarTravel that was the best trip yet.


Definitely book directly through Disney.

I once booked through AAA thinking I was getting a deal. I ended up paying a preferred rate for a standard room. When I tried to get them to book in a room request, they gave me a song and dance that Disney didn’t understand what I was talking about (I asked to be in the 50’s section of Pop…come on Disney didn’t get that?). Plus, booking directly through Disney means that if you have a request or change you can call them up and they will do it. If you book through an agent, you have to call the agent who then has to contact Disney. If you remember the kid game ‘telephone’ you can image how things get lost in translation when you have to deal with a middle man.

Bottom line…book through Disney!


I always book directly through disney! I like to be in control of my reservation…can’t seem to give that up to someone else.


We always book directly as well, online or over the phone. I love being able to access my reservation online, make a payment whenever I want, and be able to call up and change or make requests, as well as link dining reservations.


Couldn’t agree more. No offense to anyone, but I would never feel comfortable going through a travel agent.


We also book through disney ourseves and add the discount on when it comes out


I book it myself through Disney.
The only time I use a live travel agent is when I book a cruise.


[QUOTE=tinker2222;982400]Thanks for the info!! I do agree “Jen in Maine” half the fun is doing the research for the booking!!
Is it possiable to get discounts after the fact of booking? Will Disney refund money? I want to book SAP but I don’t want to miss any good deals?[/QUOTE]

I always book straight through Disney and have never had a problem getting a discount added after the reservation was made. I just did this for my December trip. The trip has been booked since March, but I got a free dining pin in the mail in June, so I applied it then. Disney had no problem doing it for me, even though the dining plan had already been paid for! They just refunded my money. :smile:


i have always booked though Disney. I am getting ready to book my first trip back in over five years. so if you all have any good new info let me know lol


I would never use anyone else but Disney, like all before have said… I like to cut the middle or third man out of it and deal direct with Disney.


Our first Disneyland trip that we stayed on property I booked through a travel agency. It was AWFUL! We really had to scramble to salvage it (oh yea, and it was our honeymoon). Since then Ill only book through Disney if Im staying on property.


Years ago I used a travel agent, and he really screwed up the trip. Ever since, I have booked online…and when I find a discount, I pick up the phone and get my reservation changed/updated. I’ve never had an issue booking directly with Disney.


I don’t have to worry about additional details when I go to WDW because I’m driving distance and take my own car. No planes, no rentals, no Magic Express. There’s no reason to use a travel agent, especially being a Florida resident and an annual passholder. Whenever I book the first question I ask central reservations is “are there any AP or Florida resident discounts”.
When I travel other places, I do my own car reservations, hotel reservations, and flight reservations using Orbitz. It saves an awful of time that I could be on hold. When I’ve gone to Disneyland (as part of a larger trip that also includes Magic Mountain), I’ve booked the Disney portion through Disney. Booking limos has been the only crap shoot.
And on our first trip to Disneyland (lucky we were club level guests) I needed them to arrange the limo that picked us up at the airport because I unfortunately chose the night of the Emmys to arrive and every single limo in LA was obviously reserved for someone else and they were able to get me one. (A real limo, not an executive car)


Wow, so many book directly. I am going to try that the next time I go :smile:


I now who knew so many book directly!!
See you later AAA!!!