Best way to LTTavern


I’m over-anxious about the crowds during Easter week, I know. What’s worrying me a bit is getting from point A to point B when reservations are at stake. Can anyone tell me if it is quicker to walk to Liberty Tree Tavern in MK directly from the front gate OR if it might be quicker to board the train at Main Street Station, exit at the Frontierland stop and walk from there? :wacko:


I would imagine that walking directly would be quickest as you wouldn’t have to wait for the train. We head over the bridge closest to the Castle on the left. Straight ahead and to the left is LTT


From the front gate. The train may be to crowded.


Walking there will only take a few minutes! Even though we usually make our way over to that area the cool way (past PoC! LOL), I wouldn’t go through Adventureland and around… I’d go straight through the hub, if you ar eshort on time.


I have to agree with the others. By the time you wait for the train, they unload, reload, it would take longer than just booking it for LTT on foot.


Walk down main street, at Casey’s make a left and walk past the Crystal Palace. Cross over the bridge then don’t make a left and enter Adventure Land but walk straight across toward the back of the building across from the Hall of Presidents. Make a left and you are there!


Thanks! So many helpful folks out there! I really appreciate it. Here’s hoping we all find each other one day together in the happiest of places.


I really don’t think getting there’s going to be an issue. It may be crowded but Main Street is so wide it’s not an issue and after that the crowds should thin out a bit.