Best way to see Universal?


We are planning our next few trips and we want to see Universal once. We have been trying to figure out the best way to do so. We have a DVC so we thought about renting a car and driving over. We have also thought about staying at Universal when we arrive for two days and then going home to WDW. There is no transportation to Universal from the airport but getting a town car to Universal and then to WDW seems to be cheaper than staying at WDW and renting a car.

We are planning a 10 day trip in May and have been thinking about seeing Universal then. How many days do you need at Universal, I am not a thrill rider so I just want to see the sights. Dont know that I will ride a lot not knowing what the rides are or what they do.

Any information is appreciated.


The best way to see universal is to stay on site. The use of the express pass for on site guests makes it worth it to stay on site. I would plan two to three days if you want to see universal and the islands of adventure. The first time we went, there was just universal studios and one day was enough for us. The second time we went there was also islands of adventure. We spent one day there also. We stayed two nights at the Royal Pacific and on the check out day, we still used our express pass and went back and did favorites again.


Are you planning on going to Islands of Adventure too, or will you just be doing Universal? That will determine how many days you will need there. Universal isn’t one of my favorite parks but IOA has a lot of thrill rides, which I love.


I would like to see both Universal and Islands of Adventure. Some day we want to see Sea World too.

I want to spend most of our time at WDW on a relaxing vacation. By the time we get to our May vacation someone will have been with us on our last three vacations and I want a long vacation alone. I thought that would be a good time to check out Universal and see if it is something that we would want to take the family to at sometime or not, just kind of checking it out I guess.


I would suggest spending at least one night at a Universal resort. One night gets you two days worth of FOL privileges: the day you check in and the day you check are included.

Two days at the parks with FOL should get you onto everything at least once. No waiting in queues for you that way. We like it because we get to spend some time enjoying those fabulous Uni resorts. They are a treat all themselves.



Has anyone ever done the meal plan at Universal and Islands of Adventure? Is it worth the price?


:laugh: From Disney.


If possible, I’d stay on Universal property for the two extra days. Two days is ample tme to do Universal.


Don’t do Universal unless you stay onsite. With your room key, you can Express nearly every line. It’s such a timesaver. The Express Plus Passes that they sell are expensive ($40 and up per pass) and have limited uses. With a room key, you can Express a ride as many times as you wish.

The onsite hotels are good rates, too. Much less expensive than Disney, and each resort has a great deal of theming. Portofino is their most expensive resort, and you can stay there for around the price you can pay to stay at one of Disney’s moderate resorts. It’s wonderfully themed, too. Feels like you’re really in Italy (well, I’ve never been, so I would really know, though).

You probably only need two to four days at Universal and IOA. We got all we wanted to get done (except for ET, which was broken down…) in our last trip, which was two full days and two half.


Universal had a meal plan too.


Thanks, We may have to do this!


I agree with everyone else - stay on-site if you can at all. Even one night will make it worth it. We stayed 5 nights last time and had such a relaxing vacation.

I never did the meal plan because (and it may have changed) it only included counter food in the parks. We’re not impressed with US/IOA counter food. It’s fairly greasy-unhealthy fast-food type stuff. We usually do club-level and have a light breakfast in the lounge, then snack in the park and thena nice dinner at City Walk.


Thanks! I am waiting on them to release 2008 so I can figure out if we are going to go or not on the next trip.