Best way to upgrade?


If I were going to try and upgrade from one resort to another- would it be cheaper or better to do it ahead of time or to try and do it when I get there? I have the free dining and dont want to lose that but need to know what the best (cheapest way) to do this would be?


At this point, you will lose your free dining if you change to another resort, and possibly even if you upgrade your current reservation to a different room class at your current resort. I’d make a call to be sure, but this close, you run a great risk of losing the free dining plan.


I agree…did you use a travel agent?? If you did…ask him or her for their advice.

However, I think that most free dining rooms, if not all of them were probably taken by now. I’d just stay where you are unless you are totally unhappy with your hotel, but you might loose the free dining as a result.


I used mouseketrips so I have already sent a note to Keith- I had also called Disney directly to ask about the dining before I bugged Keith with my questions and was told that I wont lose the dining but they would have to see if there were any rooms avail at those resorts before changing it- I did not know if it would be better to wait till I got there or if I should do it ahead of time. Im not disgusted or anything- its just that I wont have the kids and I know that Ill never be able to afford the bigger resorts because I always have to get 2 rooms- this time I wont… It was just an idea-


If you won’t lose free dining, then change now, while you still have a better chance. Always make changes sooner than later.


this is true. you wouldn’t want to get there and then get disappointed that things didn’t work out :pinch: . try now!! :mickey:


Um, just my advice? :pirate:

Go for the upgrade now… :ph34r:

But I would seriously get the “no losing of free dining” in writing… :phone:
It’s not going to help you if you show up and are told otherwise…

Just to be sure… :wub:


I have made more than a few changes to my reservation with ni problems. I actually changed the name from one person and added another guest, i thought i would have to pay for the dinning for the new member since it was a few weeks ago, they added him with free dinning.

Then I called to cancel one person, a few days later I found a third to go in his place and when i called bck they eded up adding the third person plus the priginal person i canceled. The reservation the CM emialed me now had 4 people with free dinning and all the other options i wanted.

I called and had it adjusted back to three and got all the info updated. it was funny, i told my buddy sure you dont want to come now, it is free :).

At any rate, would not hurt to call not and go for the upgrade, have them email you all the details while your on the phone so you have any changes in writting. I had a problem last year, if i did not have access to the email from the CM they would not have believed me.

Good luck.