Best Western In Lake Buena Vista


I will be doing a weekend trip with my sister and the kids in a few days and we are staying at the Best Western in Lake Buena Vista…Any reviews??? Good, Bad… just wondering???


Call Disney 1 407 W Disney . . . you can book the neighbor resorts/hotels through them. I was speaking to a CM the other day about it. She said that they MUST uphold the Disney standards for them to be able to book.

I called the resort directly and their quote was higher too!


I’ve stayed there several times and enjoyed it. It’s definitely within the Disney standard and I remember the gift shop clerk even wearing Disney apparel.

Absolutely worth the money!


Thank you!!


I agree too! We stayed there (the one in DTD) in June 2007 after nothing was availible on property and we were pleasantly surprised!! We had the “Disney” view and we were able to watch fireworks from our balcony (although they were far away)


Do they still have the “lounge” a the top?


I have stayed there a couple of times. they take AAA discounts I think so just incase you have it, it will save you a couple of bucks.

I thought the hotel was better than a value resort. it was pretty cheap, and was down the street from downtown disney.


Thanks everyone for the info…I’m sooooo excited!!!


yup! yup! don’t worry it’s a sweet hotel. I do have to say I didn’t see the pool though. lol!


Not interested in the pool so that’s ok…From Miami, it’ll be too cold for us