Beth's First Solo Trip!


Surprise!!! I went to Disney and didn’t tell anyone. It was such a last minute thing. I was pouty and feeling a little under the weather, as this job search has been very discouraging these past months. So, the loving DH that I have told me that I need to have some “me” time and the best place to do that is at Disney. I’ve been wanting to do a solo trip for a long time, so kind of thought maybe…just maybe. Well, began looking for a dvc studio, to which there was not one available for the entire months of October or November (I still think that was an IT issue, but for two days, couldn’t find one opening at all.) So, kind of thought, well that’s that, take that as its not meant to be. Then the next morning, I just had a feeling, and it was right. I checked again and the only availability was for two nights at AKL Jambo House, Savannah view. Everyone…what’s my favorite place in the world??? AKL Jambo! I hurried on to Southwest and found available flights for those days, and surprisingly not too expensive and hurried and booked both the flights and room. I tell you, I kind of was shaking from the adrenalin rush of it all.:laugh:


The flight was good (won’t be able to say that for the ride home!) I arrived at Jambo Monday at around 1:30pm, to be greeted by the nicest CM, telling me to have a seat in the lobby, and she would bring my information to me. She made me feel like royalty. My room was ready, and was on the Zebra Trail, which is my favorite side of the resort. In fact, I kept referring the room as the “50 yard line” as it was the most perfect location, Arusha view, which means I was looking into the middle of the U shape of the resort, right in the heart of viewing the animals. Here’s the view that I had. Also was very hungry, so went to Mara and had the Chicken Pita sandwich. Very tasty!


LOVE a solo trip! Woo-hoo! More more more!


I decided it was crazy to unpack my suitcase seeing I didn’t bring that much and wanted to get to the parks as soon as I could. So, off to Epcot I go, to participate in the Food and Wine festival. The crowds were great, being not crowded at all and very enjoyable. I was eating shrimp on the barbie at a table, and two ladies just walked up and started talking with me while enjoying their food and drinks also. There was a theme to this. It was common for people to just walk up and ask to share tables and talk, not just at Food and Wine, but at other parks also. I met so many nice people (although I did promise DH never to mention I was by myself. That was hard to do because I was enjoying it so much, kind of slipped some times.)

It was perfect timing that just as I was turning the corner to the back of WS, Air Supply started their concert, so grabbed some white sangria from the Florida stand and enjoyed the concert.


After the concert, kind of strolled through the rest of WS, ending up at the front in line for Sorin. Can’t miss that. The wait wasn’t too bad. It said 50 minutes, but only took 30. I was seated right next to an Aunt and teenage Neice, who both have never been. Too cute to hear throughout the ride “Oh my Goodness, this is Awesome!” Afterwards, it was close to 8:30pm, so I decided to head over to MK extra magic hours (til 1am) via Monorail before the mass exit after Illuminations. So, get up the ramp and was about the 4th person in my row waiting…and waiting…and waiting. After about 15 minutes, I look behind me and the entire dock and ramps leading down were 100% packed. There were hundreds and hundreds of people waiting. I start asking, is everyone going to MK or Transportation Center, all said MK so now I’m thinking it’s going to be packed for the parade and fireworks. I’m not in the mood for packed and hey, I get to make my own decisions not worrying about everyone else having fun. I turn around, walk through the sardines of people and walk right up to my waiting AKL bus. Get settled in my room, and out on my balcony watching my pals walk around and settle in for the night. Then I hear the booms. I can see the entire fireworks display from my balcony! What a nice end to a great day!


Day 2, Tuesday. Decided to not behave and have a bagel for breakfast (usually it’s oatmeal!) It was yummy also. Sat and watched my friends a bit, got ready and headed out. Today was my full day, so wanted to make the most of it. Decided to hit MK, as the MNSSHP was scheduled, so figured everyone was there yesterday for EMH and many will avoid it today because of short hours. So true. It was empty. I was in such a relaxed state that didn’t even realize the time and got there for rope drop. Usually don’t make it to a park that early. So got to enjoy the opening act, which I haven’t seen in quite some time. Then headed over toward Tomorrowland. Was originally wanting to get on to the People Mover, but I saw a lot of people rushing towards the Tea Cups, and then past that to Dumbo. I thought, hmmm, I wonder what’s going on over there, so headed that way also. Once I got to Dumbo, didn’t really see anything, but asked a CM was anything going on over this way. She said no, not today, but yesterday they did dress rehearsal for the new section. I couldn’t believe it, I missed it…so I thought. She then said, maybe keep an eye on the area, because you never know. So, I asked where to keep an eye out, and she said just around the corner. So I walk over there to find the area, and guess what I see!


This is wonderful Beth…I have always wondered if I could enjoy “the world” by myself…


Beth, you can’t leave us with this cliffhanger! Do tell! What did you think? Did you like it?


So sorry. Didn’t mean for the cliffhanger (had to finish dinner). AWESOME!!! Loved it. As I was walking through, I literally had tears in my eyes, saying my Mom and Sister are going to freak when they find out what I’m doing. The details are unbelievable. I walked up to a CM (who by the way, every single one of them says “bonjour” instead of hello) and asked if Be Our Guest was going to be opened also. He said when it is, only for tours, so keep an eye on the gates, as when they are open the tours will be taking place. But, never saw the gates open. Did see a lot of suits though. All holding those clompers that pick up garbage. Thought that was funny, like they were trying to disguise themselves. After snapping a lot of pictures, I went and got in line for Little Mermaid. Kind of reminds me of Finding Nemo in Epcot, with the clams for seats and all, but the details were great. Also the Queue was unbelievable. I’m going to include a picture of the crabs. They didn’t turn out too well, but unbelievable what they do. The guy in front of me would point to something, like a plate or fork, and the crab would go and grab one near him and toss it. Totally interactive.


So, here’s some pictures of the Little Mermaid. I’ve started with the queue, and then the ride. Much apologies for them being blurry. My camera doesn’t handle movement too well, and of course, I was kind of excited, so my hands were also a little shaky.


These are great pictures…yay!


Little Mermaid:


After the ride, I checked out Gaston’s Tavern and the Gift Shop:


The Gift Shop:


The popcorn cart is cool!


Your pictures are great. I really admire you for going by yourself. I have thought about doing this a few times, but I was afraid I would be lonely. It sounds like you had a great time. I think your adventure might have given me the push I needed to try this. Thanks


I’ve only done a day alone at Disneyland, but it’s not lonely. It’s AWESOME. Do it!


Wow, what a great thing to do. A solo trip and how this all fell into place. It was meant to be.
Love the pictures.
I have thought of doing the solo thing myself, because my family is not as enamored with Disney as I am but always was afraid of feeling alone and not being able to share with someone. Maybe, just maybe…


Thanks for the pictures! No hard feelings, and the cliffhanger just added to the interest in the pictures. Did you like the drink?


You are so adventurous! Loving the TR and can’t wait to hear more :slight_smile: