Better late than never TR


It’s only two weeks late, I don’t lose too much credit for my book report, I mean trip report, right? Pictures will follow.

Studio at Jumbo. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER accept pool view again. We felt like the afternoon games were being played right in our room. The PA was sooooo loud. Good thing about room was, it was really close to an elevator. Not the main banks of elevator. It was a single smallish one. It was easy to get to Mara. Quick trip down to ground floor and around the pool and there was Mara. Two evenings we took our books and sat by the fire pit outside for an hour or so. Sounds boring, but we enjoyed it.

After 4 nights we switched to BCV. We had asked for a room close to an elevator. We got off the elevator and the room is about 30 steps away. I opened the door and gasped…….it was a pool view. But it was ok. It was the quiet pool. No noise to speak of at all. An almost perfect location. The only thing that could have made it better was if you could see fireworks. It was right across from the laundry room on the fourth floor but we never heard any noise from the laundry room. Nor any noise from the elevator. The room was set back a bit into the corner so I think that blocked a lot of hallway noise.

I think we had the most problems of all our trips this trip.

At AKL, with trash and towel day, we got towels and soaps, but no plates, bowls, etc. I called and got a big bag of stuff. Probably twice what should have been left.

At BCV, on the first day I borrowed a few DVDs. We were going to rest in the afternoon and watch a movie. I couldn’t figure out which setting the TV needed to be on for the DVD. Tried, tried, tried. Asked bell services when they brought our bags. They didn’t know. Asked in the gift shop, they didn’t know. After about an hour, I thought “are the wires plugged in”…Nope, nothing plugged into the DVD player. Ok, fished behind the dresser, got the wires plugged them in and nothing. Well, they are not plugged into the TV either. At this point I wasn’t moving TVs. My luck, I would have dropped the TV. So I went to the front desk, they sent housekeeping. Between my DH and housekeeping, they twisted the TV, got the wires, fished them through back and got everything working. By this this time, over 2 hours had past and we weren’t going to watch a movie now, we went back to the park.

Next day, I try to make toast. Tried, tried, tried. Nothing….called got new toaster. About an hr. later was eating toast.

Two days later we had a repeat of trash and towel service just like AKL. Got towels and soap, nothing else. I didn’t call. I just didn’t feel like tipping again for something that should have been done. (I did tip at AKL)

But it worked out OK in the end. The day before we were going to leave, I needed to get our boarding passes printed out. So after they were printed, the CM says “can I do anything else for you”. And I mention all the issues I had and I said we were only there for 5 nights. I shouldn’t have had a need to call someone three times. I mentioned it just to mention it, I didn’t expect anything. The CM says it there anything I can do for you. I shrugged my shoulders and said well, we are leaving in 16 hrs. not really. She looks up our account and says, I see you have a balance due. How about I take a hundred dollars off? I was floored. I never expected anything like that. I have never gotten a credit, never gotten an upgrade or any special gift in the room. I thanked her many times over.


Well I hate that you had unmagical housekeeping, but I LOVE that they took care of you.


TS Meals

We ate Boma twice. Once on Mother’s day and got a carnation when we checked in. Our table was way in a corner next to a window. I’d rather that then have people always running around my chair. Speaking of running, one night there was two or three boys who were racing back and forth over an area of about 25 ft. I can understand a child gets away you, but to have kids going from point A to point B several times over is beyond understanding. Ok, back to food. I loved the soups. The other foods were so-so to me. DH loves Boma and we go for him. We were there on Sunday and Tues. The menu was almost the same. Bit of a disappointment in that, but we would go again next trip.

Ohana, We enjoyed our meal, but it was a bit disjointed. Just before we checked, a group of at least 50 college students were seated. You know that area where they have several long tables? Well that whole area was one looonnnggg table and chairs squished together. We got our salad (with mangos and orange slices) it tasted a bit different but it was still good. Then we waited. After a bit we got the wings and pot stickers. And then they were bringing meat. We asked about the other sides and was told they would be out soon. And meat came again. We told them we wanted to wait for the sides. We asked for more wings and pot stickers. They came out quickly but still no sides. It seems a table of 50 being seated at once, threw the timing of the kitchen off. But we did get the sides and then the meat and we were happy. Dessert was a bit odd. It was the bread pudding which was great, but the server also brought a bowl of ice-cream with mickey sprinkles. I don’t know if that is standard or because we were celebrating our 35 anniversary, but the server didn’t say a word about it. Just put everything on the table. I had to pour the caramel myself. What a hardship!!!:laugh: She also left the bill. So dessert and bill at the same time. Was that pushy or efficient? I thought that was a bit pushy, but we just set it aside until we were ready for it.

Captains grill. We ate breakfast. We really enjoyed the buffet. We have eaten here a few times and loved it every time. Our server had disappeared for a bit but then she came to our table with two balloons that said Happy Anniversary. She said she had to go to another building for them. She also had a cupcake for us. :happy:

Cape May Dinner. We were first shown to a table in the side room. We have eaten in that room the last two times, and really don’t like it. It feels so separate from the dining room. We asked and was moved to the main room. We enjoyed the food. CMs were always busy refilling dishes. I never saw an empty platter. Again, this stays on the repeat list.


I’m glad you had a good trip!


Can’t wait to hear more about your trip. Glad you enjoyed yourself, and Happy Anniversary.


Other meals and snacks

We ate breakfast in our room almost every morning. I had brought precooked bacon, brown and serve sausage, cream cheese, pepperjack slices, shredded chedder, a stick of butter ,banana walnut muffins, bagel thins and whole wheat tortillas and peanut butter. Except for the tortillas and peanut butter, everything was frozen, in a box, in a soft cooler in our suitcase. And it was fine 8 hrs later. I bought at the resort OJ, eggs and cream. We made scrambled eggs in the microwave. Cook for a min, stir, add cheese, cook for a bit more. I know lots of people are happy with a poptart or cereal, but I need protein. Anyway it worked well for us. And now you know why getting the paper plates and bowls from housekeeping was important to us. We did bring two small cheap plastic dishes just in case we ran out of paper stuff. If I knew we would have a room close to a CS, I’d be temped to skip the cooking. But I’d rather cook for 5 mins, than to do a long hike, wait in a line, and hike back.

We ate at the bakery at France a few times. Prices are higher, but selection is bigger. DH has some kind of raspberry thing ,not a pastry, it was served in a cup. He loved it. On our last day, we bought food there and carried it back to BC to eat. ( It looked like rain and didn’t want to get drowned before getting on plane.)

Pecos Bill. We had the taco bowl and loaded them up. I know it’s something we can get anywhere, but we hardly ever to out to fast food except for pizza or chinese.

One day we got pizza from the boardwalk place. Had better, but not awful.

Had a few things from Mara and I’m sure a few snacks here and there. It looks like we hardly ate anything, but I’m sure that wasn’t the case. I just don’t remember.


I also had the Taco Salad and like you, we can get those anywhere but it’s just so much better in the world:happy:


Odds and ends

One day we made the trek over to BLT to see wishes from the roof. Maybe 40 or so people were there. I was afraid once it was opened to all DVC. It would be mobbed. I didn’t notice if the lounge was busy or not. I know it wasn’t empty, but not sure if business has picked up.

While getting fast passes for little mermaid. The wait times were longer at Winnie the pooh than little mermaid. I thought that was odd.

We were getting fast passes in MK, it was 9:10 and two people both had a stack maybe 2 inches thick of tickets to run thru the machines. There were 4 machines available. One machine had eaten a guest’s AP, so there was one machine left for people to get the 3 or 4 fast passes most people get. I had gotten into the line with the mega ticket guy and another guest told me, “you don’t want to be in that line”. That’s when I noticed the number of tickets he had.

Only once did we have an extremely long wait for any transportation. You know, you are waiting for an Epcot bus and three MK buses show up. That type of wait. Of course half the trip, we mostly walked to epcot or HS from BCV.

The first 4 days the weather was perfect. No rain, low 80’s. But then it changed a bit. Monday evening it poured cats, dogs, and elephants, and tigers but we were sitting eating at Ohana, so that didn’t affect us. And one day at Epcot, it rained on and off for a few hours, never really stopping. Dh and I simply sat on a bench undercover outside a store in Italy. At one point the rain picked up and a bunch of teenagers stood in front of us. Then the wind started to blow. Well, you know what, a bunch of teenagers make a wonderful wind break. All the rain got them and we stayed perfectly dry.

I had a person asked me where something was in Epcot. It was one of the temporary food booths. I said sorry I didn’t know where it was. The person said to me “You work here?!”. Ummm no

All in all a good trip. We did a ton of walking. We walked between 22 and 26 thousand steps each day. I’m sure if we hadn’t stuffed ourselves silly at 5 buffets, I would have lost weight. I’m trying to convince DH, I need to go back for my health.

Next , pictures.


A nice little welcome in our room at AKL jumbo.

we had a value studio. So I expected this.

But I was l looking for a safe. Couldn’t find it anywhere. But what is this.

Is a connecting door right? wrong, we were an end unit. It’s a closet. We’ve never had a value studio with a closet. p.s. the safe was in the closet.


We had a number of close encounters with animals on the safairi ride.

This guy came close to the truck and when we started to pull away, he started running along side.

These guys like the truck so much one wouldn’t leave. We sat for about 15 mins. and then a CM came up with food to draw him away.


Now that’s a snack :happy:

somewhere on the asia trek


I’m enjoying your report and pictures…:smile:

…I’ve missed that pretzel…will look for it next time…


Our anniversary cupcake and balloons.

Did you know there was a giant globe in the lobby of the yacht club?

This is where I live.

The map was made the year I was born.

more tomorrow


Nice TR with its ups and downs. I agree with pool side it can be loud! Glad to hear guest services made up for your inconveniences.


Some windows in MK. They all have elements that move.


Bunches of flower show pictues coming up.

You had to look up to find Peter.


and more


still more…

How much milk would you need for this??

exercise anyone?


Oh—these are sooooo awesome…I wish I could go at this time to see them…

Thanks for sharing…


Thanks for sharing. All I could say is WOW