Beware of generic menu's


I go on so many sites about disney, and in the last two weeks all I’vebeen reading about is this NEW Kids meals.
This is what it is about- You get the dining plan, and you think that all the resurants have adult choices and your kids (9 and under) have the kids menu. (remember if there is a children’s menu they HAVE to use it, they can’t get something off the reg. menu) The new thing is every resurant has the same menu now.
There is NO way I can go with this dining plan any more. My kids would be fine for a couple days but we are staying for 8days.
OH yeh the menu is NOt very big.
You can look this up at
Think about this if you have young kids.
:eek: :eek: :eek:


On my last trip to WDW we were ordering at a Q & C place and I told the cast member to give me 2 kids meals and 2 adults. She said very quietly that when I order kids meals they dont know how many kids meals I have left they only see that I have for example 4 meals left. She said that they dont know if it is kids or adults so actually I could of ordered 4 adults meals and the card still work… I dont know if I would ever try this but just a little tip…


I’ve been following this pretty closely and it’s still developing as to exactly what is going on with this.

Every restaurant doesn’t have the same menu: the non-Disney owned places in Epcot haven’t changed, and let’s hope that they don’t.

It still isn’t clear if some of the ala carte alternatives that are being offered at TS are all restaurant-appropropriate or not. For example, it appears that along with the generic choices, Tony’s has a spaghetti and meatball option for kids. Makes sense. I’m waiting to hear what is offered at other places… is there fish at Coral Reef? That sort of thing.

I also haven’t heard if they’re also doing these sorts of kids meals at the Signature restaurants.

There are two things that bother me most about this: it’s such a lack of variety for any kid staying more than a couple of days. Restaurants are a grand adventure for my DS5- I don’t want him to get bored with his choices.

The other… and this REALLY bothers me… is that in a sit-down restaurant, my kid is getting served from a plastic tray. At counter service, a Mickey-shaped tray is adorable. When we’re all sitting in a nice place, that’s just not cool.

Also- kids getting all their stuff at one time? Makes it very hard on the little ones to have to wait, especially when everyone else is done and getting dessert, they’ve already had theirs. (And any kid knows that apples are NOT dessert. Apples are good, apples are wonderful, we LOVE apples… but they ain’t chocolate cake.)

So I’m waiting to get the whole picture, but what I’ve learned so far isn’t thrilling me. I hope this gets clearer over the next few days.


I’ve heard that they fixed that loophole,unfortunately.


I hope that by the time our Dec. trip rolls around, they have worked out the kinks on the kids meal thing. It is not right to expect kids to have to eat the same food over and over for an extended time. We like to try different places sot hat we all get a variety in what we eat.


I hope so, too.

Of course, the buffets aren’t affected, and neither are the family-style meals. So that’s something to provide more interesting choices.


They CAN tell how many you have, because it says RIGHT on your card AO4 (which means 4 adults)

The reason I know that is, they tried to make my kids order off of the kids menu at Alfredo, but, we had 4 adult meal plans. My kids would have been MORTIFIED to (Esp. 11 year old MIkie) to get a plastic Mickey tray for dinner. He looked at our card, and said - 4 adults!

Your keys to the kingdom card says how many adults and children are in your party.

I might be missing something, but, they double checked alot with us.


FWIW, here is a peek at the menu they have up at
Disney Dining Plan Kids Menu


I bet you could get away with using child credits at a counterservice, though…if you really wanted to.


Yikes, that menu would not go over well with DS. He needs a hot dog, grilled cheese or chicken “nuggets”.


A side issue to this; lobster has disappeared from almost every menu now, even signature restaurants.
As for this new kid’s menu, it stinks like yesterday’s diapers.


[QUOTE=Erin]I bet you could get away with using child credits at a counterservice, though…if you really wanted to.[/QUOTEIm sorry that was what I was talking about the counter service… Im telling ya… after that tip I ordered all combo meals with no kids ones and my kids were 7 and 4. I didnt try during sit downs b c we were mainly at buffets… Sorry for the confusion… :heart:


This is very interesting, My kids would not be happy with that because they are very picky!


I’m disparaging that it’s all generic… and the plastic… and the lack of variety. And I still really want to know how this works at a 2 TS place.


Hey packerbeth yes this does effect the table service places!!! This is the whole point becauseeven when you sit down and have a nice meal your kids only have that “Generic” menu.
Hope this helps a little


Those appetizer choices aren’t particularly kid-friendly. Do many 3 year olds have the wherewithall or dexterity to manage a salad or, God-forbid, a soup spoon?

I guess our just-turned-3yo twins could if their lives depending on it, but all I can envision alot of soup- or dressing-stained t-shirts!


this is bad for kids. who wants to eat the same thing all the time???

October 2006

Being Rolled out all over Walt Disney World

For Ages 9 and Under
Served with choice of kid’s juice, milk or soft drink

Pita Pizza - with diced chicken and mozzarella cheese, served with shredded vegetable salad and brown-sugar apples $7.49

Just Dip It - assorted fruits, vegetables, chicken salad and yogurt $7.49

Chicken Strips - served with barbecue sauce, sweet potato sticks, green beans, carrots and yogurt parfait $7.49

Kid’s Picks - choice of one appetizer, one entree and one dessert:

Appetizers: Vegetable Salad OR Chicken Noodle Soup
Entrees: Macaroni and Cheese OR Spaghetti and Meatballs
Desserts: Fruit Salad OR Ice Cream Sundae

NOTE: We were on the Dining Plan we ate at quite a few different restaurants. During the beginning of our trip the kids were given different menus depending on the restaurant we were at. Then on Wednesday, Sept. 27th when we were dining at Tony’s Town Square they were given a new menu. They were told that it was new starting that day. I just assumed that it was new to that restaurant. I was kind of disappointed by the change in menu. We chose this restaurant because I thought the kid’s menu had some different options for them after eating the same old mac 'n cheese and chicken fingers all week.

We were told that the three Mickey shaped meals were complete appetizer, entree, and dessert meals for the dining plan and no substitutions could be made. The kids could also order from the a la carte menu at the bottom of the menu. My kids both ordered from the a la carte. Our next two meals were at buffet or family-style meals so we didn’t encounter this menu again. But, then on our last day we dined at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe and sure enough it was the same exact menu. There was an exception that the kids could order kid size portions of the meatloaf, pot roast, or fried chicken. This was not on the menu. Our waitress gave us this information. We have used the dining plan before and love it. We will use it again since I feel like it is a huge money saver for a large family of 6. I am unhappy though with the kid’s menu changes. It doesn’t give them many choices. I hope this is not a permanent thing. (Kellie, 10/4/06)


Here’s a picture of the kid’s menu.

I don’t know where it’s from- the second entree is a hamburger instead of spaghetti.

Overall, the appetizer choices are TERRIBLE. Vegetable Salad or Chicken soup? Not going to happen. Carrot sticks or plain noodles would be much more child-friendly. (And I have a non-picky eater!)


Thats a good question bc I wanted to try hoop de doo


Hoop Dee Doo is family style so its not affected at all.