Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique


So as soon as I had heard about this I knew that I really wanted my girls to enjoy a day for them! – Before we go any further let me say that I tried to get the Queen of the England Household to have a day to herself at the SSR spa, but she did not want to spend the money on vacation… so I am going to surprise her on mothers day with a local spa day… That being said…

I really wanted Brooke and Madison to enjoy this, but I knew that I could not afford the ultimate package for both girls with a price tag of 175.00! So I made reservations for them both to enjoy the middle package… still not a cheap endeavor at 45.00 per princess! This included Hair, Make-up, Nails, and about as much attention as a little princess could stand!! Their appointment was just before they had been invited to enjoy lunch with Cinderella herself at CRT!!

Well, Melissa forgot (hmmm… sounds fishy to me) to pack the girls dresses… so I made a deal that dad will pay for the the day, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and CRT, but I was not buying dresses (had to play up the Dad role a little) but if they Brooke and Madison wanted to use some of their money (Okay A LOT of their money) to buy a new dress they could… of course both hopped at the chance and Brooke bought a Belle Dress and Madison bought a Snow White Dress!

The pictures speak for themselves… but let it be known this little trip brought a tear or two to this Dad’s eyes as I realized my little girls are growing up!!

Now where did you say I need to go to purchase that shotgun???

Okay… so here is what you really want the pictures…

Here ya go!!:


Here are more shots…

I should also note that all of these shots come from the CD… none of these are our personal shots… pretty cool!! :cool:


And one of the girls with Cinderella!


THOSE are SO adorable!!!
The one of them kissing you brought a little tear! Those are defineatly something to hold on to!!!


Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique…$45 a child, CD of Pictures…$99…a tear or two in Dad’s eyes…PRICELESS!!! They are so adorable! Just about the right age for my two sons in another few years. So glad you had a great time.


I love it!!! My favs pic are the ones of the girls on main street.


They are great Pics. My DD (9) has just looked at them with me and said they are so cool that she wants to do it on our next trip!

You girls looked like they had a great time! What hair styles did they go for?


I want my girls little again!!! :crying:

OMGosh - those are so absolutely beautiful. They are priceless! I love how Madison is being oh-so-careful of her manicure in every picture.

What a magical day for your little girls - and you too Dad.


Funny you mention that! That was Madison’s favorite part… Just so everyone knows they give you make up and nails to take home with you! Madison thought that was the coolest!

I have more shots of Madison showing off her nails, but don’t want to bore everyone!


You know… I don’t remember, but I know I was not thrilled with Madison’s choice till I saw what they did… it came out great… of course they gave her a choice of hair extentions… she should have chose brown and not blonde… but hey it was her day and she loved it!

I don’t remember the names, but Brooke’s hair style had the name princess in it… sorry!


Oh, I just about can’t stand it. You can just tell how GOOD they’re feeling about themselves and it’s just so magical! :wub:


…oh MAN.

I didnt really buy into that BBBoutique at first but…

MAN. I wish I was 6 again!! :crying:


Ron, the girls looked gorgeous and totally thrilled. Makes me sad that my daughter is now a teenager and “way too cool” for all that fun.


They look absolutely adorable and it is definietly something they’ll remember for always!


Bore us? Please! Bring 'em on. :happy:
The pics are great, I love the mainstreet ones. I don’t have kids yet, but I know when I have a little girl, I’ll just have to take her there!


RON!!! These are AWESOME pics!!! The girls look absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I absolutely L :heart: VE the pic of you with Brooke and Madison kissing you. That is PRICELESS!!!


You took the words out of my mouth again. I wish Sara was that little again. No way I could talk miss teen into that one…lol I want to go.

Ron -
The pictures are gorgeous…your girls look beautiful. Thank you for the review and the report.


Those are the cutest pictures. My DH and I were talking about this the other day and he so wanted to have them go, I think they are still too young to spend the money (2 & 3), but he is insistant. After seeing how adorable your girls looked and how wonderful it made you feel. I just can’t allow him to be deprived of that either, it’s just money and the memories are worth every penny! Thanks for sharing, your girls are beautiful, and you seem like a really good dad!


Very cute photos; your girls are adorable. I wish they did this 10 years ago when my daughter was that age!


Madison is 4 and truly enjoyed… Have to say as a Dad that I loved the experience… probably the only time that they will get that dolled up and not have a boy waiting for them when they are done! :noo: :pirate: :angry: :mad: :tongue: