Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique


I was thinking about this for my 6 year old and would like to have some pros and cons as well as Pics if poss. I wanted to make sure this is worth the $ before I made an appt.

When I was there last week I seen some little princesses walking around in the glitter sparkle shoes and was wondering is this included?

Whats included for the price and is it the same as libby lu with keeping the makeup and all. Thanks…


Check out my TR . . . we just went in FEB . . . we had a BLAST!!!

I got the cheaper pkg: $49.95

It included the hair/make-up and nailpolish . . . pkg can go up to $250 depending what you get!!!

It was a FABULOUS time . . . remember to bring hair gel and bobbi pins with you so you can “redo” the do the next day!! :laugh:


Thanks a ton!! Does the fake hair piece come in the $49 package?


They are too cute! I think I will do this for my DD in May. She will love it. Thanks


Only with the Disney Diva package . . . there are 3 packages to choose from . . . check out this link it lists them: Walt Disney World Resort - Detecting Browser Properties . . .


Also, the whole time the transformation is happening you can take pics and there are Disney photopass photographers taking pics so you end up with a TON!! I would recommend bringing/wearing your own dress . . . my DDs aren’t big into the walking around in the gowns, so that is why we did the middle package.

You get to take home the makeup/two bottles of polish/your sash . . . and with the Disney Diva we got adorable Mickey Head hair clips!! There is glitter involved . . . I think everyone should do it at least ONCE!!! :mickey:


Thats soo cool. My DD isnt in to wearing the dress as well and I cant see her walking around in hot heat itching and scratching all day. I dont want to make her miserable:glare: Thanks for all the info… Does the princess du come with the princess crown? I think it could.


They will not alter the packages in anyway! I was not too fond of the “beehive” on the top of the Disney Diva, but they HAD TO do it!

Disney Diva is hairpiece and Mickey Glitter Clips (like metal bobbi pins)

Fairytale Princess is a bun (tell em not to make it too tight, I heard a little girl complaining . . . and that’s NO FUN!) and a crown

Pop Princess
is like multicolored braids hairpiece attachment with multicolor rhineshone Mickey head 3-D clips

PS. They supply the princess with a “menu” that has their name on it . . . so they can pick which style they like! Then you are given a buzzer to “go shop” while you wait!


AWESOME!!! Thanks so much! I think Im in. Should I go to the castle or DTD?


Originally we were doing the caste, but my parents don’t have APs so we opted for PPP that night . . . we went to the DTD spot . . . you could do the castle and then go to CRT for lunch! That would be fun!

I think it just depends on where you are going to be that day! Either way . . .it’s a blast . . . you’ll have a lot of FUN!! (just remember to book 180 days out!)


Do you have to pay upfront? I forgot about the 180 days… I will be there in 70 something… Thanks for all of your help!


OH, you better call TODAY!! Um, I think they took a deposit OR maybe just a cc cuz if you don’t show they charge a fee! Sorry, I don’t remember . . . :blush:


Here is the phone number: 1-407-WDW-STYLE (939-7895)

PM me your address and I’ll send you the little brochure . . . it shows all the styles, etc.


On the back of the brochure it says:

Reservations are recommended and can be made up to 180 days prior to arrival. A credit card guarantee is required at the time of r the booking and a $10 penalty fee will be applied if canceled with 24 hours of appt.


aww… glitter sparkle shoes sound cute. :happy: One of my pet peeves is when a little girl is wearing a pretty princess dress and… tennis shoes. The pink crocs are cute… sandles are my favorite, though (I know it wouldn’t be comfortable to walk around in little plasic dress up heels… :pinch:).


My DD loved this when she went. We got her appointment for right before we went to the P&PP. At the time they only had the DtD location. I heard somewhere recently that they have Hannah Montana package too.

Your DD will love it!


I let me daughter wear the pink crocs because I bought the dress up shoes and 10 minutes later all heck breaks out and it isnt a pretty thing with a 6 year old thats tired and feet hurt:happy:


Which ever package you choose I am sure it will be a fabulous experience for your DD- I know when my DD was younger she would have just loved that.


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;798686]Here is the phone number: 1-407-WDW-STYLE (939-7895)

PM me your address and I’ll send you the little brochure . . . it shows all the styles, etc.[/QUOTE]

Mickeysgirlz - I know this was a few months ago, but I was wondering if you still had the brochure that showed the different styles. We took DD last year and she had the princess style done - but now that she’s 8 :pinch: she might want the Diva style. I’m not sure if I want to book it, but I’m sure when she sees all the little girls walking around the parks all done up, she’ll bug me to do it again!


If you can’t get an appt at BBB, we saw two girls and a dad at MK a few weeks ago they all had glitter and some sort of hair paint done, when I asked were they had it done they said the barbershop on main street does it for $7.50 Not a bad price! If you do get into BBB your DD will love it.