Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique?


Has anyone done the courtyard package that includes tutu and tshirt? I can not find a pic and would like to know what they look like before we commit to a package. We are debating between the Crown and the Courtyard package. We don’t want the castle package since she already owns so many princess costumes already. Also our res for Cinderella’s Table is not until 7pm will the makeup and hair holdup the entire day, or should we just make the appointment an hour or so before the reservation?

Thank you,


I think you and dadofthree should get together on this decision :laugh::laugh::laugh:
He’s having the same time of day delima.

You’re very lucky to have a little Princess. I’ve never heard of the tutu option. How adorable. I wonder what the age cap on that is :biggrin:


The hair and make up should hold up all day. The hair can hold for like 2 days actually! LOL!


Ok so the hair will be good to go for the day. But has anyone ever gotten the tutu and souvenior shirt package, Id love to see a pic. I couldnt find any pics on the net except for the one they used on the cruise ship.


I bet morning ressies book up fast, don’t they, so the girls can enjoy the makeup all day long?


The tutu package wasn’t offered back in 2005 when DD did BBB. She got the Jasmine outfit because it was the least itchy, so she said.