Bibbity Bobbity Boutique?


To all you princesses and parents of princesses!!! We are going to DW for our second trip (we caught the bug!) and I heard about this boutique in Downtown Disney…is thier a website associated with the boutique? Can I make reservations now for December? What is the pricing? My princesses are 10 and 3 if that makes a difference. Any help would be fantastic!:goofy:


They have two now. One is at Downtown Disney and the other is in Cinderella’s Castle at MK. Walt Disney World Resort - Detecting Browser Properties . . . is the page where you can choose which one to use and to make reservations.


We’ve done both BBB at DTD and in the castle. My girls loved both, and I’m sure your girls would love to do either! It’s almost as much fun for moms and grandmothers to watch their sweet princesses get all done up as it is for the girls to get all fancied up!

When you call to book, they will ask you which package you want to do, but both times we have done it, we have been given a menu with each package listed with prices, and my girls’ fairy godmothers asked which they wanted to do. I don’t think what you tell them when you book is set in stone. I’m sure they’d be more than happy to see you move up a level!:laugh: We have stuck to the least expensive package each time which is makeup and hair, but we’ve seen girls getting the whole deal too! It’s really jsut whatever works for you and your budget, but I think it’s definitely worth doing at least once! We feel like now that we’ve experienced both locations, we’re going to take a break at least for the next trip. Can’t wait to hear what you and your princesses decide to do!:happy:


Do it you won’t regret it!!

The look on the girls faces are priceless! Do it early in the day though, so you can enjoy it.

Bring hairspray, gel and bobbi pins with you, so the next day you can REDO the DO! :laugh: :laugh:

We went to the DTD location, cuz that night we were going to the P&PP at MK and couldn’t go until 4pm.

We also did the 42.95 package, hair, nails, make-up

You can look at my TR too for pics:


My DD was just shy of 4 last year in September and we were there for the grand opening of the BBB in the castle. It was crazy busy, but wonderful. My DD got the biggest package, as a special gift for her last trip as an only child (I was 8 months pregnant when we were there). Albeit expensive, it was a wonderful experience. The way they layed out the “wardrobe” in the royal dressing room was so adorable. And they were very accomodating to the fact that my DD is very petite and even the smallest sizes were too big on her, they adjusted to make it all work. We did the photos in the rose garden and again in the studio in the Kodak center at the front of MK. The pictures are priceless. Unfortunately, we did the whole thing for MNSSHP that night, and as as soon as we took the pictures outside of the castle, it downpoared the rest of the night and the entire do was covered in a poncho (while standing in the emporium for hours hoping it would stop).

We already have a reservation for this September, but I don’t know we’ll do the whole big package again. We’ll have to see what the finances are at the time!


The hair, nails and makeup package sounds like a good idea. DD8 wants to go but she seems to think she’s too old for a princess dress. If they sold the yellow Belle dress in adult sizes I would wear that thing all over the park!


I would love to do this for my little DD (7), but, she hates her hair messed with.She would go w/o brushing it if I would let her. It’s all I can do to pull it into a pony tail. So I figure why waste the money.


Look at my TR, my two wore only their Princess shirts, they put on a sash, so you still feel like a Princess. My DD8 would NEVER wear it out in public DD4 wears them . . . but she would be too uncomfortable . . . too itchy!! :laugh:


I want a princess sash for me!:wub:


We sometimes go to the disey store right after halloween and get princess dresses at 50% OFF! I think what I might do is get two costumes before we leave and get the hair and makeup done at BBB! I was looking at the packages and the one with the dress is very costly…has anyone ever done that? or is it too cheesy?


They let you bring/wear your own dress! I’ve seen the girls doing that!

The costly package $250 and up is HEAD to TOE . . . it includes all the deluxe items . . . I just know my girls won’t wear it again.

They left with a goody bag full of nail polish, make up and comb a sash and “DOS” to die for! :laugh: :laugh: So they were happy!! :wub:




Hair-do . . . two Hair-dos . . . so DOS! :laugh: :laugh: Get it? :blush:


I read that they now have a “Hannah Montana” package - where the girls can get the wig and t-shirt and a guitar shaped purse along with the make up and nails. I think it was just over $100 - I think my 9 year old is going to do this one. The only disappointing thing - we wanted to do it at the castle and were told that it is only available at the downtown Disney location.

Maybe you should check with you 10 year old to see if she would like this option more?

Have a great trip - whatever you decide!


My DD8 can’t wait for the BBB. We are doing it @ Cinderella’s Castle the first full day we’re there (outfit and all, which she’ll save for Halloween) and then going straight to breakfast with the princesses on 8/15!

Thanks for the photos, I forwarded 'em to my DW to take a look at 'em.


When we go in November with our inlaws my DBIL and SSIL are taking our DD’s (5 & 4) to have their hair, nails and makeup done before we go to MVMCP. I will buy them costumes right after Halloween (great deals!). The girls are going to be so excited! We are keeping it a secret, I will just find out which princess they want to be in the parks while we are teher so I get them the right costume! Definately do it if you can!