Biergarten or Tutto Italia?


Should we go to Biergarten or Tutto Italia? On our last trip our very worst meal was @ Tony’s and I am a bit hesitant to waste a TS credit on another bad Italian meal. Thanks. We like German food as well as we like Italian.


Tutto Italia!
We ate there three times last year. That alone should say something, considering all the choices. It is light years beyond Tony’s. They also change up their menu seasonally to keep things fresh. We enjoyed Tutto Italia much more than the old Alfredo’s.
We still haven’t done the Biergarten.


I’m sure the new Italian restaurant is more upscale than Biergarten. It’s gotten good reviews. I imagine it’s hard to compare the two. Biergarten is just a very fun experience–lots of hearty food and a German band. If we go this year, though, we may put TI on our list. We’ve never been.


Last trip was the first time we didn’t go to Biergarten, and DH is still pouting about it. It’s good food, in a relaxed atmosphere. But, be aware that they will sit you with another party, if you don’t have your table full. I understand its a German tradition. We enjoy that, meeting people from all over the place.


Ok, I have not done Tutto Italia but we ate at Biergarten last week. First of all, it is not exactly German food. But it was ok. A fun experience, even without the show. I guess we were too early.


We did both last year and are doing both again this year. Tutto has very good, rich Italian food. It had a more upscale decor than some of the other places we’d been but the service and food were awesome.


We ate at Biergarten last week and the food was delicious. (am I the only one addicted to those almond shortbread cookies?). The atmosphere was wonderful and fun. The dance floor was full!. The menu at Tutto Italia looked interesting, but Italian food isn’t my favourite, so I’d go with Biergarten.


I said on another thread that I would choose Biergarten, but I grew up on German food, so it’s kind of a nostalgia thing for me too.



nuf said.


No, my dd loved them. She couldn’t say enough about them. By the time I finished with the cheesecake (yummmm) I was too full to try the cookie. I’ll have to see if I can find the recipe and surprise her.


Llama and Dopey were in WDW at the same time?
That explains the cold wave!


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;933527]Biergarten.

nuf said.[/QUOTE]

I knew he’d say that.

I looked at the menu and I’m thinking of giving it a try sometime this year.


Biergarten! We ate there on our trip last week and loved it. The berry compote with the vanilla sauce. Yum! My 8 YO DD and 5YO DS even loved it. They embraced the new tastes completely. Hubby and I have loved the place since we visited on our honeymoon.


we loved Tutto Italia - we were there when they 1st opened in 2007. YUM!!! if you search this thread for it, there are my food pics in here somewhere.

we haven’t been to biergarten - we cancelled it actually to go to tutto that trip. i’d try it, but would LOVE to go back to Tutto anytime!! delicious!!!


Llama and Dopey were in WDW at the same time?
That explains the cold wave![/QUOTE]

You must have missed my trip report, huh?


Llama and Dopey were in WDW at the same time?
That explains the cold wave![/QUOTE]

Why yes. Yes we were:closedeye - how lucky can WDW get - there was just a whole added glow over the whole place, no, wait, that was the FROST!:glare:

Seriously, Dopey, do you know how to make those cookies?


There are other places to eat in the World Show Case?


I’ve personally had bad experience at Tutto Italia. I find it overpriced and skimpy. The Italian CMs were seemingly snotty… not very friendly… not very Italian. Not nearly as good as Alfredo’s. :closedeye