Biergarten potato leek soup


Had the best potato leek soup at Biergarten in Germany recently and neglected to ask for recipe while we were there. Have checked on All recipe board with no success and also on a few other web sites with Disney recipes. Any other suggestions as to how to get this delicious recipe?
Had the best meal there and would absolutely recommend this restaurant to others who have not been there before. This was our first time there and will definitely keep this one on our list for future trips. Thanks for any input.


I’ve never had the Potato Leek Soup at Beirgarten but I have had it at the Rose and Crown and it is amazing!!
I’m not sure if it’s the same but the recipe for Potato Leek Soup at Rose and Crown is:
Recipes - Potato Leek Soup - Rose & Crown - Great Britain - Epcot

I llllllllllloooveeee this soup and made it at home once and it was good. Not the same as being at Disney though.


I love this soup too, but have never tried it at either the Biergarten or the Rose and Crown ( maybe next trip) below is a recipe from a very popular English cook which might help.

Leek, Onion and Potato Soup from Delia Online