Biergarten Review (3/22/2009)


My wife (Sandy), daughters (Mags 17 & Mo 9), and I ate dinner at Biergarten on 3/22/2009. This was our first visit. We used Tables in Wonderland.


I am a big fan of German wines… particularly Rieslings of all styles. My wife and I both had 2 glasses, and both were excellent.

We live in an area that is very germanic, so we’re often disappointed by German food outside the area. Biergarten is very authentic, so that wasn’t an issue.

Buffets are always tough to review; Biergarten, for example, has tremendous variety. I could probably eat there three times, eat three different sets of food, and have three different experiences.

I definitely went the “grazing” route, trying little bits of this and that. I thought the rouladen was excellent, the sauerbraten above average (but I prefer it sliced thinner), and the pork schnitzel was terrible - completely dried out and next to inedible. I felt like the salads, sides, and desserts all shared this rollercoaster.

The family did the same and felt the same. Mo had more issues here than most places. She’s not a picky kid in the least, but she had a hard time finding things here. :huh:


Our server was Nadine, and her service was above average.


We were seated at a long table of 8 with 2 couples (one 60-ish, one 40-ish) who didn’t know each other. It wasn’t a friendly mix. Interaction was minimal.

The atmosphere looks like you are on the square of a German village; it’s really well done.

The entertainment was excellent; similar to things that I’ve seen all my life at Octoberfests and whatnot… just better quality. It’s VERY loud here.

Overall Ratings (1-5 scale) and Conclusion
Me: 3 :mickey:
Sandy: 3 :mickey:
Mags: 3 :mickey:
Mo: 3 :mickey:

Biergarten is a solid buffet specializing in variety, but your results are likely to be mixed. Go for the entertainment and atmosphere, and if you find something on the buffet you dig… stick with it.

Due to our familiarity with the cuisine and culture, we’re not likely to head back to Biergarten in the near future but I’m glad we went once.