Biergarten seating


I was just on another board reading a review of the Biergarten. My MIL is from Germany so I’ve been introduced to German food and I love it. So one of our fave restaurants in WDW is the Biergarten. Now communal seating isn’t really one of my favorite things - making small talk with strangers while stuffing my face :happy:, but we’ve usually had pleasant experiences. However, during our December trip it was odd.

We are a family of 3 and were seated with a family of 5. So there are 4 seats on one side of the table and 4 on the other. We were all seated at the same time, but the other family reached the table 1st. So grampa sat on one side by himself while the other 4 family members filed in on the other side, so that left DH, DD and I to sit on the same side of the table as each other directly across from this other family! So basically DD and I were sharing a 4-some table with a little 2 yr old and her dad.

I thought this was so weird and very umcomfortable! In order to talk to DH I had to talk over DD’s head. To make matters worse they didn’t say a word to us or each other for that matter! I felt like I need to reach over and cut the little girl’s food for her cuz her mom was 3 people down from her, but I was right across from her.

Is it just me, or do you think that was weird?!!:confused:


We had the opposite experience. We ended up making great friends with the family we sat with. 3 years later we still email and are friends on Facebook!

I think it is luck of the draw who you get seated with.


I don’t enjoy that part of the restaurant. We are a family of 3 and sat with a family of 4, we didn’t talk to them other than to say hi. From what I could tell one person in their group loves it and the rest just go along. They were in and out super quick and we sat with their dirty dishes.


Sorry to hear about your odd experience. I guess we’ve been fortunate to always wind up paired with very friendly folk.


I’m not a big fan of communal seating, but we’ve been lucky the two times we’ve been to Biergarten. I feel like we can’t be ourselves when we are sitting at the same table as someone else. This is also the case at Teppen Edo. Last time we were there we were 5 adults and sat with a family with a small (very tired) child. It kind of killed the experience of the meal for us.


With the correct application of German liquids, I get along w/everybody.


You’re such a diplomat.:glare:

We’ve had good experiences and some totally weird experiences. Just luck of the draw, I guess. We always try to be friendly, engage in some small talk and if the other family doesn’t respond - then we just “talk among ourselves”. I agree, it can be uncomfortable. I know it’s all part of the experience, but I’d prefer private seating too.


I’ve eaten at Biergarten twice.
First time our group was big enough that we didn’t share a table.
Second time it was just DW and I.
There was interaction between three parties. I don’t remember if we were all at the same table, or two different tables, but it is likely that it was two couples and a party of 4 (2A+2C) all at one table for 8.
Anyway, as we’re all talking, it turns out that the other two families were both from Charlotte and even knew one or two of the same people. Then it turns out that the family with kids were originally from North Jersey, which connects me as well. Well that and I’ve got cousins that live outside Charlotte.

We didn’t stay in touch with anyone, but it was far from an awkward meal.

Hey, you get forced to share your table with strangers when eating on trains and in cruise ships’ main dining rooms.
It still isn’t as bad as family style service in my book.


I don’t care for communal seating because I feel like I have to be careful about what I say and how I act. The last time we ate at Biergarten, there were 6 of us. A couple was put at our table and it started out ok. They were friendly enough. Then we got our food. These people had the worst manners I have ever seen. Chewing with their mouths open, trying to talk while they were chewing so food went flying everywhere. It ruined the meal for us. We lost our appetites immediately. We haven’t been back for fear that the same thing would happen again…


I’m a pretty shy, introverted person and I always feel my anxiety levels rising a little when we go to be seated at Biergarten because you just don’t know how the interaction will go until it happens. But I can honestly say that out of all the times we’ve eaten there, we’ve only had one unpleasant experience with another family. They were just snobby and complained the whole time. I usually walk away feeling like it was a good sort of forced interaction. People visit WDW from all over the world so you always have “where are you from?” as a conversation starter. Seems like we always sit with Canadians. :slight_smile:


Wow. I have to say I’m surprised about the bad experiences. I guess I should figure they happen. Heck, Maybe I’ve been one of the bad experiences for someone.

'Cause there was that time …


New people and new social situations are WORK for me… not relaxing. So Biergarten is not on my list of "must-dos’ anytime soon, although I suppose I’ll try it sometime. I want to relax on vacation.

And YES, ssn, it was VERY weird that they sat like that.


I think the way they sat was weird too. And so far we have always sat by nice people although I would much rather it was just us. Of course once its known we are English we usually get loads of questions, and we dont mind at all, but it would be nice to be able to eat in peace sometimes ( please dont think I’m being awkward, I love people and I love talking to new people-its just people always ask me when I’ve got a mouth full!:redface::redface::redface:)


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1070962]Wow. I have to say I’m surprised about the bad experiences. I guess I should figure they happen. Heck, Maybe I’ve been one of the bad experiences for someone.

'Cause there was that time …[/QUOTE]

So you’re the one that drank my dh’s boot of beer while we getting our food? We blamed Gretchen our waitress. :eek:


NO, no you’re right … it was Hilda, er … Gretchen


Have you ever tried their beer sampler? We sat with a couple who had it (5/6 small glasses) and dh was tempted, but he was afraid he wouldn’t like them all and he hates to waste beer.


NO, I’m there for the music.

(and a beer, but mostly for the music.)