Big Changes coming to DisneyCentral!


Shortly, you will all notice some big changes coming to DisneyCentral. In an effort to appease Disney attorneys and improve our site, we have decided to make some big changes. First, and foremost, we will be moving to a new domain shortly.

Do not be alarmed!

I plan on shutting down DisneyCentral in the next few hours. When I open it back up, you will automatically be redirected to the new site if you type in No worries, nothing will change, all the posts, usernames, passwords will all stay the same. When it opens, we can all just go on with our merry lives like nothing happened at all.

In conjunction with the domain change, we will be adding some new features to the site that we hope will make an improvement for all.

So, just sit back and relax, I hope to have the site moved over shortly.

Oh, and the new domain name is a surprise, you will just have to wait and see.


Sounds exciting! :happy:


OOHH, I love surprises!


Love it…


I’m very… curious right now!

I think it’s time to get rid of the santa hat too. :biggrin:


Well, I had been waiting for this change to get rid of the hat, so it will be gone today. This was supposed to happen much earlier this year.

I am sure, sometime next week, someone will launch a petition for the return of the Santa Hat.


Will we keep our avatars? What about pics we’ve uploaded from trip reports? :crying:



sniff sniff- Im “scaredy” (as my kids would say) I dont do well with change… be gentle ok???


That petition will come about, oh, maybe July 25th, lol.

I’m excited to see the new board mickey!

Do I have time to change my password before you close everything? I have that on my ‘to do’ list today :flowers: I can do it right now, but I don’t wnat to get lost in the transfer.


A new domain!!! Cool!! Can hardly wait to see what the changes are.!!


Nothing will be lost, so any avatars, images, etc. will move on over with us.

Sure, you have about 30 minutes to make the change to your password, so get a move on.


Thank you!! :flowers:


How exciting! I can’t wait to see what is in store for us!


A whole new world, possibly!

Then again, it’s a small world, after all…




I can’t wait!!!


Oooh oooh!!

Is this when the new layout and all will take effect? Will we get pictures back in Chit Chat?


har har har har- that was silly :tongue:


ROFL - you know us so well…actually, I was growing fond of the Santa hat… :tongue:


I can’t wait to see what the changes are.


We could use some levity right about now. :wub: Mickey :wub: