BIG Expansion Plans


Disney and China are in talks and have come to an agreement to Expand Hong Kong Disneyland, which as of now, the expansion will almost double the size of the current Disneyland Park. Construction is planned to begin next year and the budget as of now is set at $903.3 Million Dollars in American Currency. Expansion was decided after the lagging attendance of the resort and was also decided after the Shanghai Park was approved to begin construction in 2014. I think this is a great plan and will help boost the attendance of the resort and make it more worthy for travelers to make another Disney Destination.


Good HEAVENS!! It had better start bringing in a lot more people, for that kind of cost! :laugh:

Disney’s got some big plans over the next few years. I hope they all work out for the best - I am so pumped to see the changes that are coming! Wish I could go to HK…


Yea, we need to start traveling to some of the overseas Disney resorts. It would certainly be interesting to see!


I hope it brings in a ton of profit!



I know what you mean!


Disney is Investing $453 Million into the Hong Kong Disneyland into the Expansion, adding 3 new themed lands - “Grizzly Trail”, which will consist of Grizzly Gulch and Frontier Gold-Mining Town, “Mystic Point” and “Toy Story Land” and it will add a total of 30 new attractions to the park. It should be pretty exciting!