Big Question


So I’m talking with my BFF now and we are thinking of celebrating my BIG 40th in WDW without the kids…Both of us are having a hard time thinking about leaving our kids…her more than me:laugh: So here is the question…How have you dealt with leaving your kids behind for a girls only trip? once you get there does the guilt go away:laugh::laugh:?


You just GO and you have fun. They’ll be fine. I’ve gone away without my kids. It’s such a treat to have a time when you suddenly realize that you don’t have to do anything for anyone else for a while. Enjoy. :happy:


Who are you kidding, BFF? You are ready to go!!! But I do agree about doing something for ourselves for a change!!:laugh:


okay when i was asking the question I didn’t mean for YOU to reply!!:blush:I’m talking to you now silly!!! I think we should just DO IT!!!


Done it, LOVED it and would do it again in a heartbeat!! I really do love my kids, though!! :laugh:


I would do it and not feel quilty…there are so many things you can do without the kids.
I went with my 16 year old daughter this summer and had such a good time. A totally different trip compared to when the kids were little.


Have fun and enjoy yourself guilt free!


Once you get there, the guilt will disappear. Just imagine no whining, no crying - just wonderful fun.

Enjoy :mickey:


I’m always up for a weekend w/the ‘girls’.


Woohoo! Girls night out!!!:laugh:


OMG, I have done it about 3 times. The first time was really hard(the guilt thing was bad for me). After that, wow, it was soooo cool to do whatever you want,whenever you want and for how long you want without the,I’m tired, or the my feet hurt,can we please go. Go, have fun and don’t feel a bit bad.


Why does this not surprise me???:laugh:


Obviously cause thats the only way he can get away with wearing his pink tutu.


Been there, Done that. Would do it again. we had such a great time, just different than with our son. It was his choice not to come though, but still. Don’t worry about it. If you are worried about feeling guilty, just take a few pics as “proof” that is was not as fun without them. I got a few great pics of DBF “being bored” of “really tired” of shopping etc. Quite cute really!


Oh go! You’ll have such a great time, we all deserve a little time to ourselves now and then. You have zero to feel guilty about- enjoy!


I guess I am in the minority. I would never do that to the kids! The most we have left them for is one night and that suits us fine. We are a very close family and the closer they get to leaving the nest the more I realize that family vacations are the only way to go. I attribute that to the reason they are both turning out so well. (A students, no trouble socially and both planning on college.) A couple of times a month my wife and I have a night out together and the rest of my non-working time is spent with my family. I just cannot imagine taking off with others and leaving my family out of my vacation plans even for just a weekend.


From a kids point of view, I think it would be fine. :happy: My parents have talked about going on a Disney cruise by themselves, and leave us at our grandparents (who, by the way, love to have fun, and love to spoil us too). :wub: Make sure you bring back some souveniers though!! :laugh:


I’ve never left my kids overnight to go on a trip…sometimes they go to Grandmas or once in awhile to their Dad’s house overnight when I work, but that’s about it. I guess I want to show them that family is always my number one priority, but it is also important to nurture the friendships that you have too. The more I think about it the more I’m determined to go…Don’t get me wrong, it will be REALLY HARD to leave them, but I only turn 40 once so I think its okay to take some time for me, right???


Go and have fun!

My husband and I left the kids once, for 5 days while we went to California to visit some friends and we stayed for a night in DL.

It was terribly hard, I had tons of “Mom Guilt” and I counted the days until we could go home. It was especially bad when I called home to check on them, and my oldest, then 6 said…“Mommy, I just don’t understand why you want to go away without us?”…oh my, broke my heart.:crying:

But, we had a great time, and in the end I am glad that we did it. I haven’t been able to leave them again since (that was two years ago) but I would consider doing it again, just not for as long of a time, maybe a long week-end or something, and not quite as far away:blush:…but that’s just me.


I think taking ‘Me’ time makes you stronger for ‘Us’ time. DW and I are planning a W & F trip sans crumb snatchers. But then, ours reange from 19 - 25, so we’re not leaving little ones.

Should they choose to pop in, all they have to do is find us.